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Five Key Ways to Operate Your Business in a Clean and Hygienic Manner

Meetings and briefings are held on a daily basis in the business world, to discuss finances, projections, future projects and potential partnerships, but what should also be frequently fine-tuned is how a business is keeping its premises clean and hygienic.

No member of staff wants to work in an environment that does not get thoroughly and regularly cleaned and disinfected, but on top of hiring a cleaner, what more can you do? The following five tips can help you operate in a hygienic and sanitary manner – on top of the standard cleaning process.

1.    Top Quality Cleaning Products

While in-house cleaners or cleaning companies will have access to top quality cleaning products, you should ensure that your staff do too.

As an example, if you manage a retail store, the floors, toilets and staff rooms might get cleaned a couple of times a week, but if you do not have the appropriate supplies for wiping down till areas, disinfecting window displays and sterilizing utensils, how clean can you really be?

By sourcing supplies from medical-supermarket.com you will have medical-grade products such as mops, glass cleaners, surface wipes and disinfectant spray for your staff to use every day, keeping themselves and customers safe.

2.    Signage for Customers

Clear and concise signage should be provided for customers so that, if you have particular cleansing or hygiene rules, they know when and how to do what you would like them to. For instance, having a hand sanitizer unit by the entrance to your store that is not clearly labelled will be used by far fewer customers than one that is.

Professionally designed “Wash Your Hands” posters can even be obtained for free from certain suppliers; if you opt to use your own ensure they are demonstrated with images to aid those who cannot read English.

3.    Brief Staff Properly

During periods when keeping workplaces clean and sterile is more important than ever, properly briefing staff on how to remain safe is essential. Workstations should be the responsibility of its user, contributing to the team’s efforts to keep the office, store or restaurant safe for colleagues and customers. 

4.    Use Cleaning Schedules

Just as you would do in the home, create a cleaning schedule for the workplace. This ensures tasks are spread out evenly among your workforce; providing perks for finishing all of the tasks regularly will encourage staff to take initiative and stay on top of germs and dirt.

Once you have the proper supplies, cleaning your place of work should be a breeze. Focus on “touch points” where germs are most likely to spread and wash your own hands regularly.

5.    Regular Staff and Customer Feedback

There are few aspects of business that are not improved by seeking regularly staff and customer feedback.

If staff members feel a certain part of your store does not get cleaned enough, or if a customer has reported that they do not feel like sanitization is regular enough, these are the areas to focus on in the future.

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