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Five Absolute Must-Have Items For Any Office

You’re likely to spend a significant portion of time in your office each week, so it’s worth sprucing it up. Buying a few office gadgets and some excellent furniture can make your workplace a joy to spend time in. They can improve your comfort as well as your productivity. Whether you work in a building or have a home office, these are some must-haves to get the most out of your working environment.

Office Furniture

One of the keys to your productivity at work is your comfort. When you’re sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day, you want to have good circulation and avoid back pain. One of the best things to have at your workspace is an ergonomic office chair. These chairs support your spine making for a comfortable working environment.

Another important piece of office furniture is a spacious desk. Having a desk with room for your computer, storage for supplies, and extra space for personal items is the best option. Many suppliers specialize in office furniture, such as Arnold’s Office Furniture.

It’s easy enough to install the furniture you want at a home office. For a work office, you may need to ask your employer or talk to your HR rep. Some may be willing to invest in better furniture for employees. Some might let you buy your own to bring to the office.

All-In-One Printer

Printing, scanning, and photocopying are essential for all workplaces. Fortunately, printers these days can handle all three in one handy device.

Large work offices often use industrial grade multi-purpose printers. However, even for a home office, many brands offer cheap and space-efficient all-in-one printers. Make sure you have one available.

USB Desk Gadgets


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There are many cool gadgets you can plug into your work computer. They’re often practical, as well as adding a little fun to your desk.

A clear must-have is a USB charger. Many smartphones these days come with a USB charger, but a USB charging dock is ideal. Standing your phone up on a dock lets you see your notifications while it charges. Some have added features such as speakers or multi-phone charging.

There are plenty of other fun USB gadgets. A USB cup warmer can keep your coffee warm while you work. You could even get a USB desk fan to keep you cool on summer days.

Office Exercise Equipment

Getting a little physical activity in while you work keeps your mind clear and your energy levels high. The cool thing is you don’t even need to get out of your desk to exercise!

Look into getting some office workout equipment. You could pop a mini exercise bike under your desk to tone up your legs. A stability cushion can keep your core activated. A Powerball or gripper can build your forearms and even help you de-stress. These gadgets make exercising at the office fun and efficient.

A Water Cooler


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Workplaces are legally required to offer drinking water to employees. A water cooler makes it easy for workers to grab a quick cup of water. Coolers are also used as a place for socializing. A drinking fountain is a worthy alternative. If you work from home, you may just want a jug of filtered water by the desk.

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