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Expand Your Business Right By Taking Time To Get Your New Workspace Up To Scratch

Business expansion is an exciting time, but it’s also wrought with nerve-wracking choices. Finding an office space is stressful in itself, but the stress doesn’t end there. Once you’ve managed to secure the space, turn your attention to making it work for you. Most office spaces are uninspiring as they stand. Turn your attention to making it your own to ensure you have the best workspace possible. Decorating an office is much the same as decorating at home but on a larger scale. Cut the job down to size by getting to grips with these steps.


The first job during any decoration is to get painting. When thinking about colors, choose options that reflect your brand. Expansion is the perfect opportunity to build a recognisable brand. If you have a logo already, take inspiration from that. If not, set to making one and use it to help you. You could even get your new logo painted onto one of the walls! Painting a whole office by yourself is going to take a long time. Save yourself time and effort by hiring a commercial interior painting. Professionals will get the job done in half the time and can make sure everything is the right standard. This is your workspace, after all. Sloppy paint jobs won’t create a good impression!


It’ll be your job to stock your office with furniture. Decide whether you want to invest in office cubicles or individual desks. Think, too, about which size desk would work best. Small desks will help you make the most of your space. Bear in mind, though, that storage space on a desk is useful. You don’t want everyone feeling their desks aren’t large enough. Strike a balance between space saving, and providing what’s needed to get work done. Choose office chairs carefully. You need to ensure comfort for yourself and your colleagues during working hours. Think, too, about any additions you’d like to make. Small touches, such as plants and rugs, can add that much desired homely feel to any office space. Not to mention that plants and flowers will help keep the place fresh and inspiring!


Once you’ve decorated and your furniture has arrived, turn your attention to office layout! This is where you can have a lot of fun, though keep in mind that it’s important you get the layout right! There’s nothing to stop you rearranging if things don’t work out. Getting it right first time will make your life a lot easier, though. Just as you did when looking at desks, think about how to make the best use of the space you have. A crowded workspace will do nothing for productivity. Organise furniture in a way that keeps the office spacious. Keep gangways and spaces between desks as large as you can. If you’re working on top of each other, tensions will soon rise. Make sure everyone has their space. If you’re working with limited space, build barriers between desks to keep them separate!

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