Call centres are office spaces that involve heavy exchange of incoming and outgoing calls for enquiries. There are individuals assigned to every customer and the representative is responsible for maintaining a journal. Some customers prefer to resolve issues on the phone over live chats even today. Hence, call centre services in India and around the world are still so prominent.

Recent studies have shown a rise in call centre services in India. They are set to rise by 36% till 2026.

Call centres are a very integral part of our lives. Unknowingly we have interacted with them multiple times.

Call centres can be privately owned or hired by a third party. Third party investments are feasible however, the customer care may not be thoroughly acquainted with the products.

Companies may offer proactive or reactive services. Proactive services narrow their focus on building customer relations and timely upsell and cross sell.


Proactive services offered by companies include upselling and cross-selling. Let us closely delve into their meanings:

1) Cross selling arises when you try to sell something to a customer that complements their existing purchase. Eg: Coke along with a burger.

2) Upselling appears when you encourage a customer to amplify their cart value by purchasing something that is priced at a higher rate. Eg: By giving people multiple options of the same category which also includes superior prices. It may incline them to buy the more expensive goods.


1) Call centres are a medium for customers to get quicker responses to their issues.  It leads to speedy and more satisfactory solutions. It is still prevalent. People still feel more reassured by talking to someone on the phone.

2) The staff must be very hands-on and super versed with their facts to make this process seamless and effective. Having a flair for problem solving, will be instrumental.

3) Working as an in-house agent would require you to provide an omni-channel experience. It subsumes providing coherent service to customers on multiple forums. Such as email, live chat or social media.


The basic working of a call centre is as follows:

1) The calls are either made by the customer or made to them. Depending on their nature whether they are outbound or inbound calls. These calls may be connected through a software or an application. This may simplify the problem-solving as the customer details are usually provided on such platforms.

2) Skilled representatives are a requestite. They excel at knowledge, are articulate and good at problem solving. Typically they are convergent thinkers who ease the process.

3) Following up is also essential. The goal is to resolve problems in the first attempt itself. But when that fails, following up is cardinal. It also gives both parties a little wiggle-room. Post that, they can follow-up and project a better solution.


For the call centre to be a success, employees must watch out for:

1) Avoid assuming : Be sensitive to individual customer needs. You may think you know what the customer is about to say but never finish their sentences.

2) Create a positive environment : Do not engage in long futile conversations. Keep your dialogue short and effective. This leads to a delightful customer experience.

3) Customize your approach : No two customers are alike. Hence be empathetic and acknowledge individual expectations.

4) Be quick and efficient : While chatting online, you may have multiple customers to engage with. To deal with such a situation you must be super-versed and well equipped.

5) Acknowledging significant roadblocks : This will not only aid the customer but also help eliminate an ongoing issue faced by the company.  


Last but not least, customer service is the biggest takeaway of working at a call centre. To make a lasting impression it is vital for them to come back to you. Embarking an empathetic and professional demeanour is sure to attract and engage more people. When people are happy with a particular service they always tell their friends and families about it. This may work splendidly in the company’s favour. Hence, always project a confident tone and know your facts. It is exasperating to indulge in a dialogue with someone who is nescient of the facts.  Furthermore working at a call centre means answering hundreds of phone calls in a day. Being utmost polite and forth-coming with every caller is essential to make them have a notable experience.

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