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Engendering Customer Loyalty: 5 Easy Tips

For subscription-based businesses, getting customers to sign up is just one part of being successful. Business owners also have to make sure that these customers keep coming back. Repeat customers aren’t just a source of a steady stream of income for your business, they also help your products and services gain traction in the market because these customers are more likely to recommend what you’re offering to their peers.

However, what got you customers in the first place (mainly advertisements) won’t work that well the second time around,

So, how do you make sure people keep subscribing to you? Keep the following tips in mind and you’ll have a better chance of keeping your customers happy and loyal.

  1. Make Transactions More Convenient

A lot of subscribers end up terminating their subscription after a short time because they find aspects of the service inconvenient.An intelligent subscription billing solution that allows customers to pay from the comforts of their home without having to deal with a lot of problems that plague conventional online payment options can be a big boon to your subscription service, especially since they have to go thru the process every month.

Failed transactions can also be a major cause of customer churn because buyers are faced with the problem of having to contact you or their bank to resolve an issue. By using a more advanced recurring payment platform, it’s possible to have failed transactions resolved automatically on your end, sparing your customers the inconvenience and keeping them happy.

  1. Give ThemAccess to Information

People who subscribe to a service are more inclined to know more about what they signed up for during the first few months. However, they may find themselves unable to continue a subscription if they know nothing more than basic info about the service. You need to make sure they have easy access to information about your products or services.

You usually have three options when providing info to your customers: have a user-friendly and informative website where they can look things up, set up a dedicated information hotline where they can make inquiries about your company, or provide them regularly with printed material that details the latest updates about their subscription.

  1. Keep Your Customers Safe

With news about major data breaches every now and then, it’s easy to understand why customers might want to unsubscribe just because they think their personal information and financial data could be compromised. Taking good care of their privacy should be a top priority for your company.

Protecting customer privacy starts with common protocols such as keeping certain info confidential at all times. Investing in better forms of cyber-security to keep each customer’s credit card information or home address safe from hackers is also a wise move. It’s also important to notify customers if there were any unsuccessful attempts to access their accounts either by phone or through your webpage.

  1. Reward Themthe Right Way

Rewarding customers doesn’t mean just showering them with promos upon promos. Companies often make the mistake of handing out too many discounts on recurring subscriptions to the point where customers think that’s the norm, and they end up dissatisfied once the discount is gone.

Rewards have to encourage customers to keep their subscription. For example, you can offer rewards only to those who paid on time or in advance. You can also have loyalty rewards that are given out only after the subscription has lasted for a certain amount of time.

  1. Provide Customer Support

7 out of 10 customers say that part of the reason why they keep subscribed to a company is because of good customer service. Part of this is having a customer support team that treats the clients courteously and in a friendly manner. However, customer support is not just having the right demeanor.Good customer support also means focusingon providing the most effective solution for a customer’s complaint and other concerns. Complaints should be properly documented and forwarded to the higher ups, if necessary, so that problems are addressed as soon as possible.

Engendering customer loyalty may look like a lot of work, but it can be summed up in a single sentence: treat your customers right, provide them with what they need, and they’ll keep coming back.

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