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Employee Mistakes That Can Cost You Dear

If you have managed to build a viable business, then well done. You’ve got your client base who are purchasing regularly and you are in a good place. You’re doing so well in fact that you have had to hire extra employees to help you in the running of your business. Employees can take the load off, and leave you with the management of your business instead of having to do the same tasks every day. You can now focus on making your company bigger. However, with employees comes employee problems. You need to make sure they know exactly what they are doing, otherwise they could end up causing trouble that hurts your business.

Computer Proficiency

Computers are easy to use, but certain things require an added layer of complexity. If you’re using complicated software that is vital to your business operation then take the time to make sure they are competent and trained in its usage. Watch them use it and make sure you’re happy with what they are doing. You need to set rules by which they need to abide. No opening email in work is a good one, because all it takes is one dodgy attachment opened and all your systems are down and you could even lose vital business client data, leaving you having to fork out for a secure data recovery company to get your data back. It really does pay to put the extra work in here, if they know how to use your systems properly they’ll be far more productive, meaning you’ll get more for your money in the long run.


If you have certain employees working with the newer employees, they need to be checking certain things that fulfil legal requirements. Right to work is a key one. Your employees need to be checking whether new starters have the right to work in your country. If they don’t, and you employ them, then you’ll be in trouble down the line. Leaving you with bad publicity and a hefty fine to pay. If you use employees to manage your tax payments you need to be sense checking their work too. Make sure they know what they are doing and are paying the right amount of tax, otherwise it could be worth outsourcing this to an expert freelancer. There are tonnes of things a business needs to do to remain legal, if you own a restaurant for example then there are dozens of food safety laws that need to be followed. Make sure your employees know exactly what they are and that there are consequences for not following them.


If you have an employee in charge of looking after your employee payments then you need to make sure they are doing it right consistently. Otherwise dissent will begin to brew among your employees. After all, if you’re not paying them why should they have to work hard? You should make sure payments are correct and go out on time. This means correct time keeping systems and a reliable person processing the payments on time everyday.

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