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Email Marketing for Business: 7 Elements to Create Best Emails

When in business, emails often become the primary mode of communication with clients. With every email, the content aspires to drive awareness and sales with a small opening. A mobile-responsive email template is essential for sending emails today. These mails should be aligned with your brand message effectively and should be convincing enough in enticing prospects to get in business with you.

Most corporate professionals spend nearly 2-4 hours a day reading emails, browsing web pages, and looking for information. They spend their time poring through less productive emails and one can expect that they will skip out emails that appear bland and verbose, just like that!

Email miscommunication accounts for the huge loss of marketing potential for several companies. Hence it is essential for companies to create and deliver outstanding emails that appeal to intended clients.

Here are prime elements that enrich the business email marketing experience:

1. Frame Sharp Headers

The email header section is one of the most important fields in an email. Although it fades in importance to the email design element, readers check their inbox by first reading the subject line and the headers. The headers influence the reader’s decision whether or not they should open it.

Use a “From Name” derived from contacts for recognition. The subject line aids readers whether they should open the email in the first place. Professionals tend to check emails on their mobile devices, hence subject lines need to be framed with smart mobility in mind.

2. Frame Enticing Preheaders

The preheaders are usually the second subject line that can entice people to open and read the contents of the email. The first 5 – 8 words of the preheader needs to be intriguing to read. Describe the essence of the email in those words without going overboard.

3. Blend Logo and Colors in Harmony

When someone opens the email that you have sent, they should be completely impressed by the email design itself. For the same, your business logo and the branding colours you have used in the email should stand out. Use the design elements to your brand’s favour, allowing readers to recall the colours and your identity every time. They would open emails every time they receive it. Do not use harsh colours for the email design or it could put off many readers.

4. Use Images Purposefully

Use images that support the content of your email message as well as its intention. If the images are unique and can convey strongly on a particular product, they will support and make your message more believable and attractive. Even if you do not have the budget for shooting images or hiring a photographer, edit other photos professionally with the help of online tools. They are easy to use even for newbies in design.

5. Make your Text Readable

People reading emails online, especially on a mobile device, scan email content before actually reading it. Businesses benefit by framing text in a way that keeps the reader’s attention glued to their screens while reading those emails. Use complementary colour to the email that matches the brand colours and then frame the message body in less than 5 sentences after which you should lead them with a call-to-action button to go to the next step.

6. Frame Inviting Call-to-action Buttons

Always guide the email readers to their next action. Let them act as you intend them to do – open a link, visit contact us page, register for a webinar, or make a purchase. You could get them to contact your representative or redeem a coupon. The Call-to-Action Buttons should lead the readers to do something that is productive for your organization. Let the CTA stand out on its own! Get an email audit done before finalizing these emails with CTAs from experts themselves.

7. Design the Footer with Contact Info

Design the footer section of the email campaign with contact information of your company and business. Include your company address and contact details along with links to your social channels. Test the links and the landing pages, before you complete the email.

With the aforementioned elements in place in your email, rest assured, you can send emails with a great deal of confidence. Make a checklist of all the elements and the intention behind adding them so that you are sure of the success of these email campaigns.

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Chris is the Director of InboxArmy an Innovative email marketing company that specializes in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. He has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, non-profits, SMBs and government bodies in all facets of their email marketing services and email campaign management programs since almost 2 decades. Chris’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.

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