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Easy Ways for Every Business Owner to Lower Office Based Overheads

When it comes to operating a business, sometimes the hardest part isn’t keeping the production costs down but keeping a lid on an ever-growing office budget.

If this sounds like a business you are operating and you aren’t sure where to start, this article is here to help.

Consolidate Your Service Providers

Do you find yourself paying a range of providers for a number of different services each month? While they may all tell you that you have the best rate, you will only have the best individual service rate. Your options will open up greatly if you agree to combine multiple services with one provider.

For example, your telephone company can likely also manage:

  • Your regular phone service
  • Business grade internet access
  • Manage your staff’s mobile devices
  • Provide you with a cloud-based PBX service
  • Design your website
  • Manage and host your website

By agreeing to combine all of these services with the one provided you can take advantage of serious and deep discounts off your invoices each month.

Utilize Your Personal Savings Methods

Each time that you want to buy a big-ticket item in your personal like you look online first, right? So why not do the same for your business? If you are in need of new laptops for your staff, start with the Groupon Coupons page for Microsoft Store. If your office needs a new photocopier, look for an e-lease model or one which is an older model and selling for cheap.

Whatever it is that you need to buy, first look to see if you can find a deal or a discount on the item.

Change Your Brand

Can you tell the difference between a note which was written with a pen which costs 20 cents and one which costs $3? Of course not. However, this doesn’t stop your staff from ordering such pens and a range of other similarly overpriced stationery items.

Speak with your stationery provider and ask about switching all of your recurring products and new orders to a generic brand of the product. Often, your supplier will also offer their own generic brand products at low prices which you can easily take advantage of.

Educate Your Staff

For the most part, your staff is largely under the impression that your business has the cash to burn. After all, they only see the lights turn on and the expensive pens come through the door. They don’t see the invoices come in our late notices pile up.

Speak with your staff about why you are making changes to the office and ask for their help. Often times, your staff will be the best people to help you find the small place where you can plug large budget-related leaks.

Keeping your office costs down is no easy task, but it isn’t an impossible one. Consider the items in this list and look through your monthly line items to see where reasonable cuts can be made.

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