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Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Business IT Infrastructure

Think you can start a new business without investing a lot in technology? Then you’re living in a dream world! The fact is that modern businesses need to place a priority on making sure their IT infrastructure is as strong as possible. Sadly, a lot of businesses make mistakes in this department. Here are some of the deadliest mistakes. Avoid them!

Putting savings over performance

When you’re starting a new company, the focus can seem to be all on saving as much money as possible. This is especially true for small businesses. This often means that businesses don’t end up investing in the best quality. We can all sympathize with this, I think. After all, you have to make some sacrifices when it comes to quality, if you don’t have millions at your disposal. But your IT infrastructure needs to be sturdy, efficient, and flexible. These are signs of great quality. And you can’t really afford to cut corners here.

Being too afraid to outsource

A lot of people don’t like the idea of outsourcing. This is another thing we can all understand. After all, doesn’t doing everything in-house bring about a certain amount of pride? But the truth is that you might end up cutting on that all-important quality if you don’t look to outside help occasionally. Whether it’s getting things set up in the first place, or fixing problems later on, getting outsourced help with IT can really give you a boost.



Not securing everything

Computer and Internet security is extremely important these days. You’ve surely heard about this before! But a lot of companies assume that cybercrime couldn’t possibly be that big of a concern for them. They think that their employees are skilled or trustworthy enough to use these technologies safely. Or that cybercriminals simply don’t have a reason to target them. This is actually quite common thinking. It’s also dangerous thinking. A company of any size, working in any field, is at risk in this area. Make sure that strong cybersecurity is a priority in your business.

Neglecting data storage options

Modern businesses need tremendous amounts of storage space. You’ll need it for pretty much every area of your IT infrastructure. Web hosting? You’ll need it for that. Work documentation? Absolutely. These days, a lot of businesses are getting hooked up to the cloud. But there are risks with that approach for many businesses. The ideal solution could be to have your own dedicated server. This is more secure than cloud solutions. This is often an expensive option, though. Small businesses can look into colocation pricing if they need a server without the high costs.



Forgetting about mobility

It’s becoming more and more important for businesses to keep their infrastructure flexible. This includes having the capacity for business mobility. Giving employees more room to work with their own devices or even from home can be beneficial to your business. What business owner can deny the benefits of allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world? This is why you need to consider mobility when setting up your IT infrastructure.

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