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Doing More in Less Time: Making Technology Your Perfect Business Assistant

The chances are that, if you are working from your own office, you have long ago discovered that managing your time is the trickiest part of the set-up. It is also quite likely that you are already in the habit of looking to technology to help with your business. So the obvious solution is to enlist the help of gadgets and tech to make you more efficient.

Small Office

If you often find your phone needs charging just at the wrong moment, a Wattup from Energous is one of a type of router that can keep anything within 15 feet powered up remotely.

Don’t’ waste time searching for crucial items like lost keys and phones. Connect a small receiver which will lead you to them via an app.

If you are getting into the ‘Internet of Things,’ security becomes an issue as anything connected to the internet is hackable. Make sure that you are up to speed on the security risks of any connected devices you have, and protect them behind a firewall.

Out and About

A vehicle accident, even if no one is hurt, can involve you in many wasted hours with insurance firms and police. Install a dash cam so that you have reliable evidence of what actually happened.

You’ll want your laptop to be with you whenever you are out of the office, but it can be inconvenient to carry it around all day. A hybrid laptop combining laptop and tablet in one device may be the answer.

Not sure if someone is trying to get control of your phone? Protect it with a clever smartphone case from Vysk which blocks the cameras and microphone until you use them.

Customer Service

It’s not all about you. You also want to make life easier for your customers.

Payment by app is all the rage now. Make sure that your payment systems are set up for people to make quick and easy transactions by their smartphone.

Get someone to write you a customer-friendly app. If you can get your customers to use it (and enjoy using it) they are much more likely to come back in the future.

If there is no one in the office when you are out, missed calls can mean lost business, so set up your landline to forward your calls to your phone or laptop.

Going for Growth

As your business grows, you can use technology to build your team.

Use communications software to enable employees to work together as virtual teams. As your staff members are more aware of your vision and strategy the more committed they are likely to be.

You can also remotely monitor your teams (in a non-threatening way) in order to identify times for extra praise or extra support.

A Changing World

We live in a world where technology is rapidly changing the way people live and work. By enlisting the power of modern hardware and software you can make your precious time ever more valuable.

Lauren Palmer is a business coach who makes it her job to kick businesses into the 21st century using tech to streamline production, sales and customer support. Her informative articles appear all over the internet.

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