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Death by Paperwork: How To Spend Less Time Doing Dull Admin Tasks

Business owners can waste a large portion of their day handling general paperwork. This can eat away at time spent with staff and clients. Some bosses may even spend more time handling administration tasks than actually getting the core of their job done. If you feel like you are in this position and want a break from legal contracts, payrolls, rotas and stock takes, here is what you can do.

Take a course

A course in admin may enable you to do your job more quickly and more efficiently. There are all kinds of training programmes out there from workshops to week courses. If you work in public services and more complex admin is required, it may even be worth taking an online course. You can click here to learn more about USC’s online MPA program, which may give you a better idea of what these courses offer. You could even pay to train up a staff member.

Hire an assistant

Another option to get rid of the aggravation of admin might be to hire a full time personal assistant. They may be able to take care of phonecalls, overflowing email inboxes and other organisation tasks, giving you the freedom to do the core tasks of your job. Remember that if you already have staff, you may be able to hire internally. Alternatively, you may want a qualified professional who can do those admin tasks quickly and effectively.

Outsource your admin

There are many companies that allow you to outsource a virtual assistant to take care of admin tasks. You won’t have to pay as much and you’ll be guaranteed professional service, although you won’t be able to communicate face-to-face with them and you probably won’t be able to give them as large a workload as you would with a personal assistant. Virtual assistants can have other uses – if you work from home and don’t have an office, you may not want to hire a personal assistant to come into your home. A virtual assistant would be able to operate remotely, so you could continue working at home and not have to shell out extra money on office space.

Take advantage of software

More and more businesses are investing in project management improtance order to automate admin tasks and keep the structure of their business more organised. There are prebuilt packages out there that can handle multiple tasks from accounting, rota building, work delegation, invoicing and stock keeping. Alternatively, you may want to pay a programming company to create your own custom software to your needs. Such software can massively speed up previously longwinded processes. You may even be able to get the software available as an app, allowing you to handle admin on the move. Digitising all of your paperwork can not only have convenience perks, it’s also more environmentally friendly and could be good for your reputation as an eco-friendly business.

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