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Creating And Curating An Image In Business

Respectable looks are sometimes all that matters when it comes to public image. Businesses spend millions and millions of currency all year round to conjure up the exact kind of public relations they want for their company. It’s easy to why as products and services overlap and similarities between brands are easily made. What can be the distinctive mark is the way in which the public view a particular franchise and or company. Marketing teams have some of the most difficult tasks in any business as not only must they try to be unique, but constantly reimagine and redesign the business branding. All the while they must stay within the boundaries of a specific image that has taken a long time to build in the first place.

Distinction among the crowd

When one thinks of the ultimate battle between two similar brands, you can only point toward Pepsi and Coca-Cola. They’re two great products but not the same, yet their product looks identical. You can clearly see the two different routes the marketing teams have gone. The colors of blue and red are opposite, Pepsi’s font is more bold while Coca-Cola’s is more wavey and elegant, and the bottles are different in size too. Take heed from this and try to do the basics, incredibly well. Look at the competition and see where your marketing team can make some obvious distinctions for your product. The color is very important, but in this modern new age of fast-paced life, the shape is more important as it will stick out more.

Managing a marketing team

Some might leap for joy and others might groan when hearing it’s their task to lead a marketing team. However, when you own a business, you have no other choice as everyone else, answers to you. But what if this isn’t your thing as in not your expertise? Hiring a marketing director is going to be one of the more costly positions in any business. Small business owners should, therefore, look to a marketing online master course. You’ll learn managerial skills that pertain particularly to the field of public relations. Brand development is the overarching skill you’ll learn as the programme provides a holistic perspective, drawing upon the expertise of the University of Exeter Business School in the areas of marketing, consumer behaviour, psychology, and branding. Getting outside your comfort zone will not only give your confidence to do so in your own industry but further your approach to how you go ahead with future projects of all kinds.

Listen to the people

Curating an image is akin to creating, except you do so from further back. You’re not necessarily in the belly of the beast regarding design, but you are administering how it comes about. Listen to the feedback you get from the public when you trial a new logo, color scheme, art style, theme, font, slogan, cultural and current affairs appeal, etc. it’s better not to be a know it all and foist upon your customer’s something that is entirely of your thinking alone. Don’t be afraid almost to let the consumer do part of the work for you.

Creating an effective marketing scheme is far easier said than done. It takes a lot of understanding and also a knowledge of history. Try as best you can not to repeat what’s already been done and focus purely on originality when it comes to design. Implementing and forging everything together requires patience, but with a great team onboard with your vision, anything is possible.

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