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Creating A Better Workplace: Why Training Matters

No matter what kind of business you operate, if you don’t take the time to enhance your skills, your work will suffer. None of us are perfect as there are weaknesses inherent in us all, but we can improve ourselves rather than accept the simple platitude that we should accept what we cannot change.

From the business owner to the staff they employ, it is vital training is taken seriously. However, many business owners disregard its importance. Why? Often there are two reasons.

Firstly, the issue of time. With all the goings on within the business, sending an employee off for training may break the cycle of productivity. Secondly, money can be an overriding factor. Thrifty business owners try to cut costs, so training becomes secondary when trying to make a profit. They might also employ an unqualified person, as they will be cheaper to hire.

Should you be a business owner, here are several reasons why you should factor training into your life and that of your employees.

Job satisfaction

Having a sense of pride in our work is important. Otherwise, what’s the point of turning up each day? Yes, we all need to earn a living, but life is too short to work in a place where we feel inadequate. If your employees don’t feel equipped to work to an acceptable standard, they will underachieve and feel demoralized.

Staying current

Due to the advances in technology, the business world is changing. Your company needs to keep up with the times to remain competitive. To use an analogy, you don’t want to be watching an old black and white tv while your neighbor is being dazzled by the latest 4K technology.

No matter what category your business falls into, staying up to date will improve work practice. Some training can be done online or through using DVD’s, such as scientific molding training for the plastics industry. This cuts down on the need to travel to another venue as you could easily dedicate a day a week or month for training to take place within your offices.


Should an employee have an accident at work because of insufficient training in using equipment, you may face legal costs as they seek compensation. You should also incorporate health and safety training. There are dangers inherent in every workplace, so you and your staff need to be aware of what precautions need to be in place. You are breaking the law if you don’t implement some level of training, so check regulations with your local government.

Customer care

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Whether you manufacture a product or deliver a specific service, your customer will be looking for quality. If what you deliver to them is second-rate, they will take their custom elsewhere.

Better productivity

Ultimately, your business will grow rather than suffer when everybody is sufficiently qualified. There will be a loss of time and finance, but in the long-term a successfully trained team will have an understanding of how to do their jobs better, resulting in increased productivity and profit.

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