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Connecting With Your Customers: It’s Personal

As a business, your customers are very important. In fact, they’re so important that your company couldn’t survive without them. However, in order to succeed, it’s imperative to make sure that you connect with them, on a personal level. Here are some tips to help you communicate better and understand your customer’s psychological needs.

Build A User-Centred Website

Some company websites are exactly what you’d expect as a customer: easy to navigate, simple to use and clear. But you’d be surprised by just how many company websites seem more concerned with presenting information about the enterprise than they do about helping their customers find what they want.

Creating a user-centred website isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You’ll have to think about things from your customers’ point of view. A good way to start is to test your website on people who have never used it before. Is it clear what your company does? Can they find how to get in touch easily?

Harness The Power Of Apps

Another way that companies can connect with their customers is through apps. Apps are fast replacing browsers as the go-to medium through which businesses connect with their clientele. The great thing about apps is that businesses can switch off all the extraneous stuff that clutters the user experience when browsing the regular internet. They allow companies to communicate directly with customers, remember their preferences and offer products based on their current mood, behavior or location.


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Up until recently, app building was something that had to be done by professionals, often at enormous expense. It was for this reason that many companies didn’t bother with companion apps for their products. Instead, they relied on regular browser interfaces with limited functionality. But with tools like the Buildfire mobile app builder, that’s all changed. It’s now possible to build apps and upload them to the app store, just like you’d build a website and upload it to the web.

Use Predictive Dynamics To Personalize Email



Email marketing might seem old-school, but personalized email marketing is actually surprisingly cutting edge stuff. Incorporating predictive dynamic content into your emails not only increases engagement, but it also personalizes content, making it more likely that a user will click to find out more. According to the data, personalized content generates between four and eight times as many clicks as regular email content.

Harness Social Media Trends

Another way to personalize your business and actually reach out to customers online is to hop on board with the latest social media trends. Cleverly integrating your company into the fabric of the social media conversation is an excellent way to boost sales. For instance, if you’re a clothes retailer and everybody is complaining that it’s too cold outside on social media, then casually insert photos of people wrapped up wearing the clothes that you sell, enjoying themselves outside.

Social media can also be used to drive things like competitions and to create a buzz with certain images and messages. Keep experimenting with your content until you find a formula that succeeds.

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