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Common SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

When it comes to building your online presence and advertising your company, search engine optimization is essential. However, many business owners aren’t clued up on SEO, and even though there’s a lot of information available that you can learn from, it’s still possible to make simple mistakes that you may not even realize are hurting your business. We’ve listed some common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make which can be disastrous for SEO and marketing.

Mistake #1. Trying to Do It All Yourself:

There’s a lot to be said for business owners who try to keep costs as low as possible by taking on all the tasks that they can possibly do. However, when it comes to SEO, it’s often too big a job to take on on your own – especially if you want serious development for your company in the future. Unless you are an SEO expert already, then chances are, you’ve also got to learn about SEO and stay up to date with the recent trends, which can be difficult to achieve when you are also trying to run your business and achieve growth. Outsourcing some or all of the work to a reputable SEO company can help you save time and create more profit in the long run.

Mistake #2. Ignoring Mobile Users:

In the past, SEO was easy – it was mainly focused on getting the right keywords into your online content. However, while keywords still have a part to play, they’re no longer the main factor contributing to the results that you get from the SEO strategies that you implement. Today, Google and other search engines are putting an increasing amount of emphasis on user-friendliness and the user experience, which means you need to ensure that your website is quick to load and responsive and easy to use on any smartphone or tablet. Without a mobile-friendly website, it’s highly likely that your search engine rankings will suffer.

Mistake #3. Low Quality Content:

Creating web content is easy, however, creating high-quality, informational content that your readers and viewers will love is much more difficult. One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make when it comes to creating content is settling for low quality, often because it is cheaper to source, or easier to create. Another mistaken belief that can often lead to low-quality content is that when it comes to your web content, more is better. This, however, isn’t true – when link building, for example, one or two high quality links can go much further than hundreds of poor quality ones.

Mistake #4. Not Staying Up to Date:

Lastly, failing to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends and strategies can be a lethal mistake for any business owner to make. SEO isn’t something that remains static; search engines are updating their algorithms all the time to make sure that they remain in line with the changing demands of web users. By failing to stay updated, you’re risking being left behind.

Have you made any of these SEO mistakes?

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