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Comfort At Work? Underrated, But Necessary

What is underrated in business? Body language and a strong handshake? The powers of the internet? The Friday afternoon shutdown? A good review? Well – some of these aren’t underrated at all. Some things that fly under the radar are supremely important to running a business. Some things that are underrated in business are in fact a necessity.

One of these things is comfort. Not many people think about comfort when running a business, but it is key. It is necessary. Your employees need to be comfortable so they can perform at their best in the workplace. No comfort? No production.

Comfort comes in two forms – physical and emotional. Fulfilling comfort in one of these forms just is not enough, you need to ensure your staff are emotionally comfortable in the workplace as well as physically comfortable.

Emotional comfort? Well, your staff need to be happy, that’s obvious – but they need to be comfortable with working in the team and for you and your business. Sexual harassment, offensive language and other forms of misconduct that can unsettle staff have absolutely no place in the office. Employees don’t need this type of behaviour as it could see them leave the company, or simply stay unproductive. Diversity training and an inclusive team, as well as good company policy, can make your staff feel safe at work, as they deserve to feel.

Physical comfort is easy to achieve. First off, ask your staff about what is working for them in the workplace. Are the chairs comfy? Is it well ventilated? Then ask them what isn’t. Action on your staff’s feedback to create an office and working environment that is suitable for them and their needs.

Good furniture is a necessity in the office, and it needs to be customized for the staff and their needs. Those with back and neck pain might need support as well as those with mobility issues or wheelchair users. In most cases, a solid office chair with wheels and good lumbar support will do.

As well as furniture, you need to be able to regulate the temperature of the office and ensure that the staff are breathing, and able to breath. For temperature, get commercial air conditioning sorted so that your staff are cool in the blazing hit of the summer. For winter, install a central heating system to keep them warm despite the frosts outside! Ventilation is easy, simply crack a window.

You also need to ensure that the office is clean. If an office is not clean, it will not be a good place to work. Not only can dust, dirt, rubbish and grime harm – it hasn’t been known to exactly inspire productivity, has it? Hiring good office cleaners can ensure that your workplace including the desks and computers are free of muck, dust, dirt and grime. You can’t ignore this.

Comfort in the workplace is underrated, but if you want your staff to thrive, it’s an absolute necessity. Don’t ignore it at all, otherwise you might be missing out on a productive team.

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