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Chemistry in Business: a Niche Market Full of Opportunities

The chemical industry is a key player in the growth of a country’s economy. Many people don’t realise that a wide range of different chemical products is used in almost every facet of society. Think about chemicals that we use to clean our car, ones we use on our bodies and in the shower, sweeteners and flavours that use in food—the list goes on.

Because it’s such a far-reaching industry, it’s a business opportunity that few people realise or take because they see it as a risky investment, the reason being because they have little to no idea about chemistry in general and can’t fathom what opportunities actually exist for them.



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It’s also highly specialised when it comes to laws and regulations. For example, you’ll need specialised storage compartments (such as the ones from denios-us) to keep certain chemicals and products. There’s also rigorous employee training because of the potentially dangerous chemicals they’ll be handling on a daily basis.

However, as daunting as this sounds, a brief chemistry lesson will open up a plethora of untapped business opportunities that are ripe for the taking. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Ever wondered why printers cost a fortune to maintain? It’s probably got something to do with the cost of the main ingredient: ink. Ink production is a thriving and profitable business because they’re used by not only printers, but large printing businesses use them and we need them in pens, magazines, billboards, and art. These are just a few examples of where we use ink, but it’s a far-reaching business due to the global demand and large market.


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Whether it’s perfume, make-up, lipstick, or deodorant, there is a large market for expensive cosmetics. Designer-brand perfumes can sell for hundreds of dollars, and celebrity-endorsed makeup products sell like hotcakes because everyone wants to use the same products as their favourite stars. This isn’t a female-dominated market either, plenty of men also utilise make-up for modelling, acting, and their own personal interests. Getting an endorsement from a celebrity is difficult, but many would be willing to pair up with a rising star in the cosmetic industry because it benefits you both. After all, what celebrity doesn’t want their own brand of cosmetics or clothes?


Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fumigation chemicals are used in most agricultural businesses. You could potentially be a provider of agriculture-related chemicals  in your local area, provided there are no other factories or businesses that specialise in the same products as you. This is even better if you live close to farmland because you can provide a constant stream of products for local clients. There is a lot of expertise required to run this sort of business, so make sure you hire the right people for the job.


Soap is just a general term for chemical products that are used for washing and bathing. There’s a huge amount of variety and a lot of different avenues that you can take your soap production business down. Think dishwasher soap, detergents, or even bath creams. There’s a lot of choices, but it’s a highly competitive market—just think about how many different brands of shower gel you can buy.

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