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Building a uniform for the healthcare sector

Building a uniform is an important part of many businesses, and with so many different options available for any industry it can often be a difficult process. However, when you work in healthcare it can be especially difficult as there are certain considerations that have to go into your workwear to meet the rigorous industry standards.

Trusted suppliers such as Simon Jersey medical uniforms can often guarantee you meet hygiene and safety guidelines. However, there are always things to keep in mind when building an effective healthcare sector uniform, as this blog explains.

Keeping health and safety at the forefront

When you’re running a business in the healthcare sector, perhaps the most important thing that should always be at the forefront of your mind is how to keep both staff and patients as safe as possible.

With that in mind, putting together an effective uniform is a great step towards ensuring safety at all times.

Healthcare is a busy sector, so staff are going to be on their feet for long periods. So you want to provide footwear that will reduce the risk of accidental trips and falls, while still being tough enough to stand up to rigorous, high-level cleaning.

For example, clogs designed for healthcare are made from a particularly tough plastic and feature slip-resistant soles to keep you steady all day.

Features and designs that emphasise safety are commonplace when it comes to healthcare uniform choices.

Scrub tops and tunics will be made from material designed to reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination, as well as hiding zips to stop anything catching, while scrub trousers will feature elasticated waists for ease of wear and freedom of movement when rushing around during the busiest shifts.

Combining these elements in one well-designed healthcare uniform will ensure that you stay professional and safe throughout the day.

Providing benefits to patients too?

That said, uniforms are more than just a way to ensure health and safety. Building great workwear can also provide you with some other great benefits too.

For example, bright and colourful tunics or shirts can be especially helpful in healthcare for a wide range of reasons.

If you work with young children, for example, then the bright colours could help to calm them down and feel safe in an unfamiliar environment, which will both make their experience more pleasant, and make your staff’s work easier to do effectively.

The same benefits also apply if you take care of patients with sight issues or elderly patients who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. The bright colours will help make your staff more distinct, standing out clearly to your other patients.

You could also provide a wide range of colours in your uniform to create a sense of seniority to highlight the supervisors and managerial staff, as well as to identify different “teams” within your staff, especially if you work with a wide variety of patients.

For example, staff in green scrub tops may specialise in care for the elderly, while staff in blue scrub tops work with young patients.

You can mix and match how you separate your teams depending on the kind of people you care for within your business, but the benefit this can provide to ensuring your business runs smoothly and patients feel cared for will always remain.

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