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Build a bond of trust

It does not matter which field you belong to as you have to have trust on the people for whom you are working. At initial times when a person with or without experience is made someone’s leader then the first thing he need to do build a bond of trust with them. This does not only mean he should be able to trust on the employees working under him but also should be able to gain trust of the people that are working for him. Trust helps in fighting the hard times and if every singly employees trust their leader then the morale of the leader can never let down but you cannot ask anyone to trust you; you need to gain their trust in you with your own efforts. Two section in business where you need to work on the trust:

  • Within employees: Before landing into the market one should be very clear with his behaviour at company’s level. If a person does not have any sense of how to treat with his staff then that means he does not have good businessman qualities. With sharp attitude towards your employees you can order them and they will definitely work as per your wish but they will take them as orders and will just try to finish them but if you have a good conduct then it will led them to trust you and they will always try to give their best in their every work. Trust is like a two way thing, when you give it then you get it and it does affect the quality of the production and the attitude of employees towards their work.


  • Within customers: After successful production the next step which is important is to sell them because they are not going to benefit you in any way if you will keep them in Attracting customers so that they will buy your product is neither difficult nor easy, you just need to think like a customer and you are going to buy that product, then what all things you will see for it to make sure it is beneficial to them. A customer will buy your product only after getting fully satisfied as no one wants to spend on useless products is they can get better ones at the same price. And advertisements and case studies helps a lot in gaining this trust as to make others believe in your product you should take an example of a person that have already used that product and found it beneficial and worth spending because when you show case studies customers are more likely to trust you. You can either use these cases in your ads or post it on web as a source of reference for the people that are looking for trusted products. As the number of companies and competition is not small so there are lots of options for a single product so you need to do something special and different.

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