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Best in Show – 5 Tips for Creating A Memorable Stall at Your Next Industry Convention

Industry conventions are fast becoming the best way to network with your peers and your competition in the field. From cosplay to quilting and even car shows, conventions bring together many people for a very short, condensed amount of time. Here you can test out new products, introduce new marketing campaigns, or showcase new projects your company is working on all while interacting with your key audience and vendors. Follow these next steps to make sure your booth or table stands above the crowd at your next convention:

Make A Statement

It has been said that a first impression can make or break a sale within the first three seconds. Make sure your table stands out with completely customizable fabric media wall banners. These pieces can be hung or draped about your area to define it with eye-grabbing colors. These offer you a great opportunity to showcase any new branding or merchandise. Always make sure to include your logo and business vision in these statement pieces to draw the crowd to you.

Presentation is Everything

Before you get to the venue, check the amount of space you will be working with. This can help you determine what type of table and chairs you will need, if any. Some vendors have opted out of having a table at all in favor of standing in their area while letting the media banner be featured. This can be especially poignant if you decide to launch an active and interactive presentation in your area rather than showcase something new.

Adding it Up

After you’ve decided you are going to table at a convention, you need to determine the purpose of the installment. If you are simply going to market, then the cost is something that is added into your marketing budget and has little quantifiable return. However, if your main goal is to sell product, you will need to design your space differently. Do you want people to engage with you or the product? Will you have a special guest there to help highlight your product, service, or project? What materials do you need to enhance this performance?

Devil’s in the Details

Another small but powerful tool at these large conventions is your name and brand. The easiest and most accessible way to get your name out to the crowd is to have a bulk stock of your business cards. These are easy to hand out or leave in bathrooms. Also, they can stay at your table for people to grab as they walk by if they are not interested in waiting in line to check out your table. Business cards communicate credibility and integrity. They are very portable and a low-cost option to help you get your face and name out there.

Cash Isn’t King

After you have drawn people to your table and showcased your work, customers are now wanting to purchase things from you. If you don’t have a way to take credit or debit card transactions, you will lose a third of your sales. Counter that by making sure you have a working card reader as well as other electronic ways for customers to pay you. Taking cash is easy, but the world is moving toward a more fluid type of currency. Make sure to keep up with the times so you keep all those sales.

Whatever type of convention you decide to be a vendor or a presenter at, you need to make sure you are sending the right message by being prepared and captivating.

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