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Being Clock-Wise: Essential Time Saving Tools In Business

Having a productive workforce is one thing, but what about when you don’t have enough people to carry out the tasks you need to complete? It then comes to having the awkward conversation about asking people to work late again, which can put a strain on your staff and their home lives. It doesn’t endear you to them either. Are there ways around it? In short, yes there is. If you bring your tech up to date, there are ways in which they can do a lot of the menial tasks which get in the way. So, which systems can you invest in to help your staff and, at the same time, increase their skills?


Customer Relationship Management software is a very popular way to do the back-office functions of business.  This allows their business to use a system of integrated applications. This software helps manage the business and automate many functions such as technology, services, and human resources. The benefits of CRM systems range from more efficient time management to better client lead generation as well as reducing admin tasks. Having a system like this is especially useful when you need to spread your workforce to do a few more tasks than they are usually used to.


EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. A lot of businesses now use this tool. It is a data transference device used to send vast amounts of data from one company to another. The benefits of doing this include the amount of time that can be saved transmitting data to a company that is based far away. When it comes to EDI, the files that are transmitted need to be in the EDI “language”. Ways around this are that you can use an EDI service provider to do EDI integration for your business or you can purchase EDI translation software.

Landing Page Tools



If you’re in a rush to create a website, using a tool to create your website’s home page quickly is a lifesaver. Tools like this have built-in forms, an image editor and a way to test out the page before it goes online. If you are pressed for time, using tools like this gives you many templates to choose from, so you don’t need to hurry to create a bold, inventive page.

HR Software

Many Human Resource tools can be used to make processes speedier. When it comes to payroll management, using cloud-based HR software is a real time-saver. The software has up to date information on local tax regulations. Having this information in a software package helps save the company money on hiring an accountant or tax specialist.

Scheduling Software

If your business thrives on creating blogs on a regular basis using WordPress, tools like CoSchedule are a handy way to keep businesses organized and cranking the output regularly.

It also works in other ways, such as keeping your marketing schedule on track, or as a handy tool to keep all of your previous plans in one place.

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