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Be your own customer

Before trying any new product especially when it is a beauty product the user has lots of doubts in mind and after using them feedbacks also differs from one person to other which may result in fluctuations and difficulty in right change so it is important to reduce the problem section so that high level of satisfaction can be achieved in one go. To do this one should be the first customer of his own company’s products so that he can comment on it as per being a customer not an owner. We all buy some or the other company’s products in our daily life so we are quite aware of the mentality of a buyer and when as a customer we examine our own product then we can get to the flaws and the areas where change will be needed. There is no single person who does not want best quality in the most feasible price and this is the most important area which should be kept in mind before proceeding to mass production.

Studying products as a customer is very important as it gives you an idea according to which you can proceed and the best part of this survey is the results obtained are mostly in favour and the probability of incurring loss reduces to its maximum extent. This can also be regarded as a market survey but the only difference is in normal market survey we take the opinions from other people first and then do required changes whereas in this we become the very first customer and before launching them into the market required changes has already been done so that maximum amount of goodwill can be created but it is not necessary that every company follows this technique as the working style differs from one to another.

Although it is not necessary but when you try your company’s product on your own rather than experimenting them over your customers it gives a sense of belief that you cannot compromise with your customers and they stand first in your priority list. You must be thinking what is the use of this belief so let me tell you belief is something which helps you to gain more and more customers as if the buyer will not believe in your product then he or she will not buy so to increase the sale the first and foremost thing which is important for any company is to create a trust in their customer’s heart. If the buyer will know that you try things first before sending them into the market then they will be tension free from the fear of side-effects and the graph of sale will also increase whereas if you do not go with this way then there are chances for your customers to lose a faith in you which can ultimately affect the market value of your company and the products you deliver and this can become a plus point for your competitors.

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