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All Good Brands Do These 10 Things

If you’re working on creating a brilliant brand, then doing your research on other successful brands is really important. You’ll begin to notice a few patterns when conducting your research that could help you to make the most of your own brand. Here are 10 things that all good brands do:

They Know Exactly Who Their Audience Are

All good brands know exactly who their audience are. Both big and small brands are clued up on what their audience need and what they don’t want. They start off any good marketing campaign or rebrand by defining them and looking into them in as much depth as possible. Make sure you research your audience, know the problems that you can solve for them, and why you are unique. Knowing all of these things will help you to define them and target them effectively.

They Are Unique And Don’t Mimic Others

Good brands are completely unique and don’t mimic others. While you may get a little short term success from mimicking successful brands, this isn’t a strategy that will work for you in the long run. You need to work out what it is that makes you different, and then make that known. Make it part of your brand story, and use it as a way to make people want to work with you.



They Are Passionate About What They Do

Business owners and even employees of good brands are very passionate about what they do. They know where they want the business to go, why they’re doing it, and they have an unwavering passion for it. While you may be able to start a decent brand without being passionate, the novelty will quickly wear off, and you’ll end up getting bored. Being passionate about what you do will show. It’ll make your brand even more successful. It’ll keep you going for so much longer!

They Reach Their Customers In Different Ways

Good brands reach their customers in many different ways. They may use different social media platforms, as well as a blog to spread the word of their business. They may go to conferences and exhibitions to showcase their products and give talks on what they do. They may stand on the street holding up placards or giving away free lemonade. Coming up with creative ways to reach your customers will get people talking for all of the right reasons.

They Know Emotions Are Key

Every good brand knows that tapping into their customer’s emotions is the key to get them buying and then coming back for more. While talking about the benefits of a product can obviously help, really working on how you can tap into their emotions with your advertising campaigns is important. How will you make them feel great about buying your product?

They Are Consistent In Terms Of Quality

All good brands are consistent in terms of quality when it comes to products, packaging, services, and so on. For instance, if you were to go to a restaurant and received amazing service, you’d want to go again. You’d expect to receive that same level of impressive service each time you visited. All good brands don’t just focus on their new customers and impressing them, they focus on retaining previous customers too. This is why being consistent with the quality of your product or service is essential.

They Really Care About Their Customers

When you really care about your customers, it shows. It’ll show in your communications with them, your service, and how you even handle things like complaints. Don’t just focus on the money coming in, or how you can make your first million. Focus on making people happy and helping them anyway you can. When you care about your customers, money will come as a result. Make sure your staff care about the customers and make that clear too. Everybody may need training to get on the same page. They may need to learn how to deal with difficult customers in the best way.

They Share Their Knowledge

Good brands won’t be precious or secretive about some of the things they know. While you probably don’t want to give everything away, giving people valuable information will help you in a number of ways. It can make you an authoritative source in your industry. It can make people come to you for advice and insight before going anywhere else. It can help build your reputation, and attract more people to you. Making sure you find ways to share valuable information will be a big help!



They Remain Authentic

Staying authentic is essential to any branding strategy, and all good brands know this. You remain authentic by knowing exactly what your values are, and how you can help people. Trying to be what you think will get you more money, or something contrived like that, will be difficult to keep up. An authentic brand is so much better than one that isn’t.

They Think Of Their Brand As A Person

Every good brand thinks of their brand as a person while they are creating it, and even after they are creating it. Thinking of your brand as a person will help you to create a highly effective idea. You’ll be able to come up with a great look and feel, as well as a personality. This helps others to feel as if they are actually interacting with a person when they are interacting with your brand. This makes them feel more inclined to work with you again, as they can relate better. Would your brand be a young, hip male? Would they be a more mature, older woman? Create this image in your head to help you create your brand most effectively and make it more relatable.

Do these 10 things, and do them well, and you should end up with a great brand to rival some of the biggest brands out there. Don’t get left in the dust by these brands. All businesses can use them, whether big or small. Try them out today and you’ll reap the benefits!

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