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AI Tools That are Transforming the Financial World

Life sans credit is impossible to imagine. Since the cost of living is rising and income is stagnant, people are relying on borrowing to meet their unexpected expenses. It is hard to set aside money for a rainy day when the cash stream flowing in is very thin. With each passing year, the number of borrowers are rising and therefore hinging on credit score and repaying capacity for the loan approval have become more requisite than ever.

Banks and other financial institutions need to consider numerous factors when it comes to signing off on loan. Artificial intelligence solutions are helping financial institutions to assess the application of borrowers more accurately to make a decision that had never been possible with traditional lending methods. Here are some of the examples of how AI is transforming the financial world.


This artificial intelligence helps lenders make better lending decisions. It is a powerful and compliant tool for financial services. Financial institutions are investing in artificial intelligence to assess the credibility of borrowers, mitigate risk and decrease losses. Zestfinance can help lenders quickly evaluate the financial condition of borrowers as well as credit history. It can help lenders make more transparent lending decisions.

Once you pull data from various providers, Zest artificial intelligence tool automate data analysis to allow you to decide once. Zest is an end-to-end solution that can help you assess the application of borrowers. Most of the direct lenders have been using the Zest model to mitigate their losses, and research has revealed that it has cut losses by 25% annually by predicting risk accurately.


It is getting hard for financial institutions to make the right decision when tons of applications are turned in, and an immediate decision is to be made. Whether borrowers are looking to apply for a mortgage or a short-term loan, it is crucial to identify whether the borrower can afford the money. To evaluate the process, lenders need data from credit bureaus of their credit reports and borrowers’ bank statement. Manual monitoring to decide the approval of the loan is not east at all. Therefore, lenders are relying on artificial intelligence.

All borrowers, including companies, expect financial institutions to provide seamless financial solutions based on their needs. Deciding a solution that suits the financial condition of a borrower is not easy at all, especially when lenders need to rely on their judgement. Datarobot can help financial institutions evaluate the financial situation of borrowers accurately to provide them with the right solution.

  • It helps lenders build the precise lending model.
  • It helps forecast losses accurately.
  • It can evaluate the possibility of financial stress faced by a borrower.
  • It reduces processing cost and expenses incurred due to technical glitch.
  • It helps to anticipate the borrowers’ needs.
  • It ensures borrowers get support when they need it.
  • It can easily predict who is highly likely to commit a default.


Kensho artificial intelligence tool helps direct lender make decisions based on facts. When it comes to lending money, it is essential to know the likelihood of default. Checking credit scores and evaluating bank statement may not be enough to see the default rate. Artificial intelligence tools can assess data more accurately than manual methods. Kensho software is equipped with data analytic solutions. The software has the potential to understand the complex data and answer to most complex financial questions.


Financial services are subject to high risk. Even though you lend money to a good credit borrower, there is always a risk of default if financial situation change. Mortgages and installment loans are long-term loans and expecting the credibility of a borrower throughout the term of the loan based on current credit score, and bank statement does not make a sense. The borrower will likely struggle to keep up with repayments. Taking stock of financial circumstances for an extended period without the use of any software is impossible.

Ayasdi is a powerful application that uses existing data sources to have advanced insights. A cloud-based solution has the potential to solve complex challenges. This software can identify financial frauds, default risk, understand consumer behaviour, and customer churn. This software can offer transparency, speed and unprecedented accuracy. Keeping the risk under control in the financial world is not easy at all, but software like Ayasdi can help with it.


Another powerful artificial intelligence tool is AlphaSense. It serves financial companies, including investment firms, and it has the potential to understand the change in financial trends. It not only helps lenders make the decision about lending money based on the default risk, but it also allows investors to pick the right stock before others do.

It can evaluate the market trend to help investors buy stocks that are likely to generate more profits in the future. Based on the suggestions recommended by the software, investors can make most of their money to build wealth. The software quickly scans the market, spots new developments, makes decisions and offers recommendations. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you can avoid losses.

Wrapping up

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly contributing a significant role in the financial world. With the help of software, financial institutions can analyse complex data to make the right decision. Technology can also help them understand the market trends, prognosticate futuristic conditions and mitigate losses.

Comparing it with the traditional situation, anybody can conclude that artificial intelligence has made the financial industry faster, more transparent and more accurate. Now is the time to invest in this technology. If any financial institution does not keep up with technological evolution, they will be lagged.

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