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About to Sell Your Disney Vacation Club? 5 Things You Need to Know First

Disney Vacation Club is a flexible, affordable resort timeshare program that many regards as the most appealing in the industry. There is a thriving secondary market for Disney Vacation Club memberships that are no longer wanted by their original owners.

Many who might consider selling, however, end up holding back because of not understanding the process. Become familiar with the following five basics and it should be easy to determine whether selling your Disney Vacation Club membership will make sense.

  1. A resale is a Disney-Approved Option

Disney positions its Vacation Club program as a rewarding investment for people who love its theme parks and resorts. While the company strives to deliver as much value as possible each year to members, it also endorses and participates in the sale of memberships.

This is not to say, however, that Disney involves itself with such transactions to the point of brokering them. Instead, it relies mostly on companies like DVC Magic Resales to connect sellers and buyers, with word-of-mouth sales making up the bulk of the remaining transfers.

Being able to sell a Vacation Club with the blessing of the issuing company helps preserve the value in each membership. The use of third-party brokers to facilitate sales breeds service-enhancing competition.

  1. Your Home Resort Matters the Most

Every Disney Vacation Club membership is attached to a specific location which is deemed the “home resort.” Just as rates at Disney properties vary with location, time of year, and other factors, so do buy-in prices for Vacation Club members.

The home resort you choose upon signing up will impact the value of your membership more than any other factor, at least in terms of dollars to be expected per point in your account. If you think you might wish to sell your Vacation Club membership, later on, be sure to pick a home resort that will interest others.

  1. The Process Takes Some Time

Becoming a Disney Vacation Club member means acquiring an interest in a specific piece of real estate, along with becoming privy to a wide range of program benefits. The former fact means that transferring the ownership of a Vacation Club membership works much like selling a piece of real property, although a bit simpler.

As such, it will always take some time to complete the sale of a Vacation Club membership. You will need to wait and see, for instance, whether Disney wishes to exercise its right of first refusal and to submit required documents at least a month ahead of the desired closing date.

  1. Demand Varies

The Vacation Club’s secondary market is more dynamic than many realize. Prices buyers are willing to pay for points good for particular properties that can fluctuate on a daily basis. It will generally be best to wait for an opportune time to sell, as a result.

  1. Commissions and Fees Vary, Too

Third-party brokers who facilitate Disney Vacation Club sales are free to set their own commissions and charge whatever fees they like. Before selling your membership, it will always be best to look into such issues to arrive at an idea of the associated costs.

These figures should be assessed in the light of demand and offer being made by buyers at each marketplace. Paying a bit more in commission but making up for it with an increased selling price could easily be worthwhile.

Keep these five facts in mind and it should be easy to understand the process of selling a Disney Vacation Club membership. Even simply having that option is one of the features that make Vacation Club appealing to so many.

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