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9 Ways CPD Accreditation Can Help Employees with Their Career Development

With such a competitive job market, it’s more challenging than ever to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of managers, business owners and prospective employers. That’s why CPD Standards accreditation is one of the most important and valuable ways for employees to progress.

Career progression is considered by many staff as one of the most crucial elements of their role, without it, staff are often inclined to seek employment elsewhere while potentially becoming lackadaisical to their current position.

Below, we discuss how CPD accreditation can help both employees with their career development and how employers can benefit from offering this form of training.

1.  Advances a CV

With up to a few hundred applicants for one advertised job role, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out from other candidates.

Even the most skilled, educated and passionate applicant can still struggle to secure that all-important interview. With the added addition of CPD courses that have been undertaken on a C.V, a candidate can gain that extra push needed to convince employers they are the one for the role.

2.  Increases Confidence

It is a common problem among employees, they have the skills and experience to progress but lack the confidence needed to do so. CPD accreditation can give staff the assurance they require to push themselves to the next level.

Not only does it help fill gaps in knowledge, but can reiterate knowledge learned over the years in the business and aid employees to recognise their own skills and hard work.

3.  Everything Is Up-To-Date

Formal education, such as a university, can be a fantastic way to gain knowledge in a field of interest.

Likewise, induction training programmes can be a huge benefit to those who are new to a sector. However, this knowledge gained can often become outdated, especially in fast-moving industries.

CPD accredited courses are up-to-date with the latest information, practices and procedures in the chosen subject.

This means that not only are new staff members properly trained, but seasoned staff are also informed and confident with the latest information.

Again, this can reflect greatly on a C.V as recruiters will be aware that a candidate has kept themselves acquainted with the latest data throughout their career.

4.  Heightened Performance

If employees are seeking progression in their current role, the best way to do so is to perform to the best of their ability.

By undertaking courses with CPD accreditation, not only can staff gain new knowledge but can also learn new ways to implement this.

There is only so much that can be learnt from colleagues and by taking a CPD course, newfound practices can help shape a business and help to exceed targets and produce a better quality of work.

5.  Maintain Interest

Staying within a sector can become stale for some employees, this can lead them to seek a career change, which can lead to progression taking longer.

Instead of opting for a new industry, many students of CPD accredited courses have found that these reinstate their interest in their current one.

Not only does this mean they are more likely to stay in the sector, but it reignites the  passion for it and a hunger to progress, perform and learn,

6.  Access To The Experts

On occasion, there can be problems and questions that can not be solved by those in the business.

CPD accredited courses aren’t just pathways for learning, they also provide a platform to reach out to experts in the field for any form of query.

Not only does this provide a passage to other professionals, but can help problem solve and gain points with managers who may have been having difficulties figuring out the next stages of a task.

7.  Gains Points With Managers

Ultimately, it is the decisions of managers as to whether an employee is ready to progress or not.

That’s why it’s important for employees to do as much as possible to impress those who are senior.

Undertaking courses that are professionally accredited can help push the decision for development, either for quicker progression or to play an employee ahead of another also being considered.

If an employee chooses to do these courses in their own time and without any input from managers, this can reflect positively on them. Showing commitment to the industry and a willingness to further oneself is one of the best ways to impress the senior staff.

8.  Can Help With Career Change

Sometimes the best option for a working professional is a career change, as long as this has been carefully considered then there is no reason why someone shouldn’t take the plunge.

However, without prior experience or education in a new field, candidates can see themselves having to accept entry-level roles and potentially take a pay cut.

It can also be seemingly impossible to stand out from the crowd of applicants who may have had formal training in relation to the role.

By completing courses that are CPD accredited in the relevant field, not only does this show recruiters that you have a passion for their sector, but also that you come with knowledge and understanding, despite having not worked in a similar role.

9.  Costs Less Than Formal Education

Degrees, apprenticeships and other formal learning routes can have huge benefits but simply aren’t affordable or cost-effective to everyone.

CPD courses start from as little as £10 and provide great value for money. This means that courses are suited to any budget and if a student feels they have made the wrong choice, the financial implications aren’t catastrophic.

These are just a few of the benefits of undertaking CPD Standards accredited training in the workplace that can help boost confidence, help with career progression and overall improve the quality and efficiency of work from the learner.

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