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9 Apps That Prove You Can Run Your Business From Your iPhone

You might think that growth in the economy is often down to large corporations. But, it might surprise you to learn most of our economic growth is down to small businesses. Even the self-employed “micro” entrepreneurs are responsible for helping to grow the economy!

Sure, there are plenty of people starting new businesses each year. The thing is, many of them don’t have lots of money to start up. As a result, they tend to do many tasks within their operations themselves.

Thanks to technology, it’s possible to make such work easier. Believe it or not, there are a plethora of Apple iPhone apps that can help you to manage your business. Could you run a business from an iPhone, I hear you ask? The answer is YES! Check out these nine powerful apps that prove how that is possible:

  1. SmartTrade

So you’ve just completed some work for a customer. They want to pay you, but they’ve only got a debit card on them. What do you do? The simplest way to accept card payments is with SmartTrade. It’s an essential small business app that can get used by people in any industry.

  1. Invoice 2go

Want to avoid writing invoices out by hand or using a spreadsheet? Invoice 2go is for you! It’s a smart app that offers many features including multi-language and currency support.

  1. HootSuite

It’s likely you’ll spend lots of time managing your social media profiles. Logging into various websites is time-consuming. Download the HootSuite app and you can manage them all from one location. It’s also useful for scheduling future posts too.

  1. QuickBooks

If you need more powerful features than Invoice 2go can offer, I recommend QuickBooks. If you use the online service, you can also download their free app. QuickBooks is useful for entrepreneurs that run companies.



  1. MailChimp

Email newsletters are an effective way of staying fresh in each customer’s mind. You can use the MailChimp app on your iPhone to send out new email campaigns on the go.

  1. Dropbox

Cloud storage is useful for all entrepreneurs. Dropbox is an easy to use service that allows you to access and share your files anywhere. You can update any files when you’re out and about using the Dropbox app.

  1. Skype

Do you manage an array of field workers for your business? If so, there will be times where you need to make video calls to them. You can do that while you travel by using the Skype app on your iPhone.

  1. TripIt

Do you travel a lot for your business? And do many of those trips involve overnight stays in hotels or transport by plane? If the answer to those questions is yes, you need the TripIt app. All you have to do is forward confirmation emails to a unique address provided to you. The app will then create your travel itinerary.

  1. PayPal

It’s likely that some of your customers will pay for your products and services via PayPal. You can use the app to notify you when you receive payments. You can also use it to withdraw payments received to your account.

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