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8 Things to Consider to Make Sure You’re Hiring the Best Tradesman

From simple tasks such as repairing your vehicle to major jobs such as home renovations, it always pays to hire a reliable tradesman. Finding a reputable tradie is important to save you from being a victim of shoddy workmanship, foul play, and unforeseen expenses.

Here are 8 things you should consider to make sure you’re getting the best tradesman for the job.

License and Registration

Some people consider getting unlicensed tradesman to save cash or if thetradiewas recommended by someone they know. Although many such workers have undeniable skills, it would be safe to assume that many of them also have insufficient expertise to do the job properly. Peoplewho hire suchtradiesrun the risk of damaging their properties and paying a huge amount of money for a substandard job.

Make sure that the tradie you are hiring is registered and has a working license.Formal registration means that consumers can file a formal complaint with a trade orginsation or with a government regulatory body in order to address the problem at hand. This will make sure that a tradesperson can be held accountable in the event that they don’t deliver on thework they promised to accomplish. .

Proper Qualifications

Clients pay tradesman for their skills and expertise. They want to make sure that they are investing in the right kind of people. A good tradie should have the necessary qualifications and certifications. Customers put a premium on a tradesmanwho earned his credentials from a technical college or trade school.

A tradie would also benefit in having his existing skills and credentials officially recognized, even if he didn’t get formal education in the first place. In Australia, this can be done through a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment process.The RPL process can help any skilled tradesman get the national recognition and qualification he needs.On the other hand, tradies who lack enough evidence to support their claim for skills qualificationare advised to undergo gap trainings to help them fill in apparent gaps within their knowledge, skills,or experience.By hiring a qualified tradesman, clients can rest easy knowing that the people doing work for them possess superior skills and can deliver a higher quality of work.


Clients tend to look for tradesmen who have good attitude and are professional in everythingthey do. They respect their contracts, and they work efficiently by always turning up and finishing the job on time. A good tradie is pleasant to work with because he always keeps his word and meets his deadlines. When presented with a problem, he is able to identify it and quickly determine a good solution. 

Great People Skills

Home renovation can be quite stressful. Clients appreciate tradies who can communicate with them effectively. They are open to discussion and are flexible in meeting the demands of their customers.A good tradesman possessesgreat people skills and isoften friendly and courteous towards others.

Quality Tools

A tradesman’s tools say a lot about his quality of work. During the first meeting, a client can ask to look inside a tradie’s bag or truck. He should have the right tools, and these should be kept in tip-top condition.By having quality gear and equipment,tradesmen can also prevent accidents from happening, ensuring that their projects can be finished on time.

Knows How to Give Proper Cost Estimates

Most tradesman are successful businessman. They have credible working experience, and they have the right expertise on how to run a thriving and reputable business. A big part of doing business is giving the proper pricing. A good tradie would offer a written quote before starting any job. Before giving the final cost estimate, the tradesman should thoroughly assess the project at hand in order to foresee the costs. Going the extra mile, a reliable tradie would give 3 quotes for any assignment so that the client cantruly make an informed decision based on the pricing options available. This will help in delivering the job without any uncertainty or confusion.

Backed by Insurance

Aside from being registered and licensed, a good tradie also needs to be backed-up by insurance.Clients should check their tradesman’s liability insurance details and make sure that the paperwork is legitimate and done properly. The insurance should cover the tradesman in the event of any injury, and the possible damages that may occur to your property. Insurance certificates should be current and valid for the duration of the project work.

Reliable References

Clients should do a background check on the tradesman they’re planning to hire. Online review websites sometimes offer a compilation of customer feedback regarding a tradesman’s performance. You can dig in further by asking people who left these reviews for details on the job done for them.A good tradie should also be able to offer references or testimonials from their past clients. If they have a personal or business website, they should likewise have a portfolio of successful past projectsthat prospective customers can check out.

Separating good tradespeople from unreliable ones can be challenging. Clients must be mindful of the tradie’s references, credentials, qualifications, and attitude in order to make sure they are hiring the best person for the job. By doing proper research,clients can avoid the disappointments and potential risks brought about by substandard workmanship of an undependable tradesman.

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