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8 Office Improvements That Will Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Keeping your team’s morale up is essential for achieving exceptional results. Therefore, if you want to improve your workflow, you should constantly be innovative with the state of your office environment. Are you one of those business owners who’s constantly wondering how to find the balance between flexibility and productivity? If so, we’re here to offer invaluable help. In the sea of different creative solutions, we’ve come up with eight that will make your team members busy bees, keeping them motivated and happy to come to work every day.

Let the sunshine in

One of the ways to keep your team’s productivity on top is to offer them a bright and airy workspace. Offices filled with plenty of natural light will keep everyone awake, productive and focused only on work. According to studies, the best option for offices is natural lighting because it has only positive effects on employee’s productivity. Large windows without drapes or curtains to block the light would be the best solution. However, if you can’t let enough natural light in, invest in light fixtures that mimic natural sunlight. Not only will this boost their productivity, but natural light will also enhance your team member’s sleep and quality of life outside the office.

Have scheduled breaks

Too much screen time can be very dangerous for both eyesight and posture. In addition, too much time behind the desk will also cause back problems and an array of other conditions that can easily be avoided with regular breaks. Allow your employees to take a 10-minute break whenever they need it, and schedule regular 30-minute breaks. During this time everyone can socialize, or even find time for themselves if they’re constantly working in teams with a bunch of other people. Scheduling reminders on your cell phones is a much better option than having a clock at the office which will only make the time for breaks seem too far away.

Another good idea is to allow the employees to go on a break when they truly need it. Sometimes if you have a scheduled break at noon, someone might be at the peak of their creativity and feel disturbed if they’re forced to take a break at that time. Stepping away from work should be allowed whenever your team members feel like they’ve had too much to do.

Energy-boosting rooms

Another way to increase your office workflow is to allow your employees to have time to relax in whichever way they can. Having a relaxation room, for example, can be of great use for everyone who spends their days behind the desk or running around the office working on various projects.

Equip the room with lounge sofas, and consider putting an ergonomic massage chair to offer your employees a spa-like environment. This will allow them to recharge and refresh whenever work becomes too straining for them. Decorate the room with lots of greenery and succulents that will promote relaxation and create a Zen-like ambience for your team members. Game consoles, snack bars, and a pool table can all be wonderful additions to the energy-boosting rooms, allowing your team members to unwind and take the mind off work.

Space for creativity

Just as everyone needs some time and space to recharge, some people will want their own designated area where they can brainstorm ideas and draft new propositions for future projects. Everybody needs a unique setting to make their creativity flourish, which is why you should think about having a special creativity area.

Keep in mind that the area you dedicate to creative thinking should feature comfortable and visually attractive furniture, thought-provoking art, and potentially keepsakes from your company’s creative achievements which will act as a great motivation booster too. Don’t forget the noise-reduction properties to grant everyone all the peace and quiet from the street bustle during their creative process.

Top-quality furniture

Are you tired of constantly having to sit in your office chair that doesn’t offer you enough comfort to do your daily tasks? If so, you’ll want to offer all the team members the same enjoyment of sitting on top-quality furniture. Whether they’re answering e-mails, relaxing at the energy-boosting room or coming up with the next ground-breaking idea, they’ll need comfortable chairs, lounges and sofas to make them feel at ease and ready to tackle on the next big project.

Ergonomic chairs to support their back, high enough desks to keep their bodies positioned right and prevent body ache after office hours, alongside a full spectrum of other office furniture is essential if you want to boost your team’s productivity. Uncomfortable furniture can be highly distracting and instead of making employees productive, it can easily shift their attention. They will try to make themselves feel comfortable instead of using their energy to produce new ideas.

Introduce food and drinks stations

Keeping your team members full and hydrated is imperative if you want to have the highest productivity at the office. Therefore, make sure they can grab a fresh cup of coffee, a bottle of water or snack when they feel their blood sugar levels are dropping. According to studies, employees who are offered healthy snacks are much healthier than those who only have regular lunch breaks. You can even have a relaxation room filled with healthy snacks by installing a food bar. Keep the bar chock-full of nuts which will improve brain performance. Make sure you stock up on dark chocolate which improves focusing skills, and blueberries to benefit memory. Bananas will boost energy, so keep the snack bar fully stocked with fresh healthy snacks and drinks.

Team building exercises

Bring your team together to create new ideas by introducing team-building exercises. If you have new members in the team, this will motivate the newcomers to gel up with your team and feel like a part of the group more quickly. Team-building exercises such as truth and lie, playing board games, the perfect square, game of possibilities or memory wall will increase morale and motivation across teams. Moreover, team-building activities improve workplace collaboration, encourage creativity and offer higher job satisfaction. Soon you’ll notice the more improved quality of work between the team members and new ideas will be born without much hassle.

Appropriate office environment and décor

You can’t have innovation without motivation, and oftentimes pleasant environment and thought-provoking décor are the best creativity boosters you could find. Art can significantly boost productivity while making your workplace look charming. Motivational posters, fine art installations and a variety of other art can all be inspiring enough for your team members to spark their imagination. The visually pleasing decor will create the most pleasant and creativity-friendly space they need to stay on top of their work game.

Final thoughts

High productivity is essential in everyone’s team because your business results depend on it. That’s why you should work on constantly keeping the productivity between team members high and never let them lose their focus. With all the aforementioned ideas you’ll have no trouble offering creativity-friendly space and all the requirements necessary for your team members to deliver only the best innovative ideas on the market. With bright and airy space, regular breaks, time for team members to recharge, pleasant office décor, comfortable furniture, team-building exercises, and creativity designated space you’ll have an always inspired team of people ready to rule the industry.

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