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8 Motivation Tips for Sole Traders and Freelancers

Congratulations, you’re now your own boss! You’re in charge of keeping yourself motivated, productive, and engaged. Here are some motivational tips to keep your self-employed magic going. 

 1. Buy public liability insurance

Buying the proper business insurance is important. You may need certain types of business coverage to secure new projects or clients. Plus, you’ll want really good business insurance, like public liability coverage, to protect you and your business. 

You can do some comparison shopping by checking out Public Liability Australia’s website. Click here to take a few minutes to get a public liability insurance online quote and coverage details sent right to your inbox. Or call a Public Liability Australia agent today to get your new public liability policy set up right away. 

2. Plan

Set both short-term and long-term goals for your business. Then design a clear plan you can follow to reach those goals. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you are locked into the action steps as defined by your business plan. It’s okay to remain flexible as you work towards your dreams. It’s just important to have a good plan so you can stay focused and not let the daily grind get you off track. 

Get into the habit of comparing your business plan to what you’re actually accomplishing, and then adjust your future estimates as needed. 

3. Take small bites

Work is like a delicious meal. Somedays you may want to just jump face first into the next big project or product design. Other days you might not be that hungry and prefer to chew slowly. The best way to break down tough tasks is to take small bites regularly! 

In work terms, that means you should write down the steps involved in your big tasks and then work through the list one at a time. The more challenging the task, the smaller the bites you should take. 

4. Be nice to yourself

Running your own business can be wonderful and tiring, all at the same time. Be sure you treat yourself nicely just as you would any other team member. Rewards can be very motivating to most workers, including yourself. Be sure to come up with nice treats or fun plans that will boost your motivation and keep you chasing your goals. Be proud of your accomplishments. 

5. Post your goals

It’s very useful to visualize the business outcomes you’d like to achieve. Maybe you’re working hard to make a certain amount of profit, or land a particularly impressive customer, or develop a new expertise. 

Many freelancers like to post a sticky note or reminder on their phone that mentions their goals. Be sure your reminder is located somewhere you’ll read it often. Maybe on your desk or on your office wall. You may be surprised by how something so simple really can get you fired up! 

6. Be ready for things to go wrong

Things won’t always go according to your business plan and that can really ruin your motivation. The life of a sole trader is full of surprises. Sometimes it’s a good idea to lower your expectations. This way you’ll be unfazed when things don’t go as you would like. 

The best way to handle unexpected setbacks is to look at them from a generic viewpoint. In fact, look closer for the silver lining. There may be an opportunity amidst the mess. 

7. Work a set schedule

It’s common for self-employed pros to get burned out. That’s because most freelancers work a hectic schedule, take on all the responsibilities, never take a day off or a vacation, etc. If you find yourself losing interest in your business or having a hard time staying engaged, it’s time for a small break. Maybe that means stepping out of the office for a long lunch. Or perhaps it means setting definite work hours, like 7am to 4:30pm. Being sure you have enough time to step away from your workload will keep you refreshed and ready for more. 

8. Learn to dance

Growing a successful freelance business is like learning to dance. You must know when to lead, when to follow, and when to sit out the song. No one can stay 100% motivated every day. So, when you’re struggling with work, do what you can to get through your to-do list and then give yourself a break. Don’t be afraid to wait for the next song. 

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