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7 Business Functions You Can Outsource and Work Smarter

Owners of small businesses typically wear many hats. While new technologies can take some weight off your shoulders, there comes a time when you and your employees just can’t handle everything on your own. The solution? Outsourcing.

Through outsourcing, business owners let professionals handle tasks and processes they haven’t got the time or knowledge to manage. It’s a major trend in the business world and one that allows entrepreneurs to focus on what they’re good at, increase efficiency, and keep costs under control.

Here are 7 business functions you can leave to experts and give yourself more time to focus on growing your business:

1.  Customer Support

When it comes to routinely outsourced company functions, nothing beats customer phone support.

The costs of recruiting workers, providing required space, and paying taxes are way too high for smaller businesses. However, an outsourced call center, located in one of developing countries, can carry out the task for you – efficiently and affordably.

Having customer support won’t only make your business a lot more accessible to actual customers, but also save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

2.  Marketing

As a business owner, you already have an understanding of your ideal customer profile and your key markets. With this basic info in mind, you can let an agency manage your marketing and advertising functions.

After all, effective marketing is the thing that determines how a particular brand is perceived in the marketplace. For example, a digital marketing expert can provide a very specialized outside perspective, which is vital. Professional freelance writers, on the other hand, can create first-rate content your website needs.

Other marketing areas you should consider outsourcing are blogging, social media, press releases, brand development, website design, and search engine optimization.

3.  IT Services

When you’re not a tech-savvy business owner, letting someone else handle your technology needs is the wisest decision.

A lot of technical tasks come with a very steep learning curve. Learning how to optimize your website for conversions, migrate to the cloud, or code an app simply isn’t worth your time. In many cases, handling the IT tasks on your own will cost more than hiring someone to it for you.

However, before you outsource your company’s IT services, check if there are any software solutions that may solve your problem. There could be an app, a tool, or an integration that will take care of your issue for a low monthly fee.

4.  Accounting

If you’re an owner of a small business, consider letting a qualified accountant handle your bookkeeping. For many small businesses, accounting isn’t a core function – it’s as simple as that.

Outsourcing this role saves weeks, even months of hard work. What’s more, having an experienced accountant on your side means you won’t have to deal with compliance and regulatory issues.

With someone to take care of finances and keep track of employee deductions, quarterly tax payments, payables, and receivables, you’ll have more time to pay attention to your core business activities.

5.  Event Management

You’re planning to host a team outing? Or maybe a workshop for employees? If so, you’d best outsource the management of your event to a specialized agency.

All the way from planning to execution, managing an event takes a lot of time. Failing to outsource event management means letting employees handle the task, which often affects morale and productivity.

The event management app can take the burden off your back. This app often has good connections with food caterers, sound providers, technicians, and other vendors.

6.  Legal Work

One of the first functions most companies outsource is legal work.

Everybody knows how expensive in-house attorneys can be. Even the lawyers who just started working require substantial salaries. It goes without saying that most small businesses can’t afford those types of salaries.

Legal documentation, analysis/drafting of contracts, document review, and litigation support are just some of the legal tasks responsible business owners outsource to experienced (and affordable) legal teams.

7.  Creative Work

A lot of entrepreneurs think that they’ll be able to handle design tasks on their own. And while it’s true they can, most business owners can’t do it well. Therefore, leaving creative work to experts is always the wisest decision.

Opting to outsource your design work typically leads to far more impressive results. This includes designing logos, banners, website images, business cards, and a lot more.

Websites like Upwork can connect you to some of the world’s best designers. With thousands of freelancers looking for work, you’ll quickly find someone to handle your artwork creations.

Whatever business function you decide to outsource, it’s vital that you do your homework first. Finding the right partnership is essential, so take time to search for companies or freelancers that provide professional, reliable services.

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