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7 Benefits of Digital Signatures for Your Business

If you’re like many professionals, you’re always looking for the latest ways to grow your business. Technology solutions such as digital signatures offer new sales opportunities. If you’re on the fence about making the move to e-documents and digital signatures, now may be the time. Accepting digital signatures can help you close deals faster with fewer errors. Learn more about the following benefits you’ll enjoy when you adopt digital signatures for your business.

Happy Customers

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With digital signatures, clients can sign documents anywhere, anytime. You won’t have to coordinate full schedules or track down traveling business professionals.

Remote document delivery lets your clients review and sign contracts at their convenience, at any location with internet access. Your customers can be happy ones since they won’t have to come into your office to sign paperwork. Happy customers can lead to repeat business and referrals.

Better Accuracy

During the digital signature process, customers receive guided instructions as they complete online documents. Instructions reduce errors and ensure that all signature fields get completed. Calling customers back to your office to fill in missing information will be behind you so that you can focus on the rest of the sales process.

Stronger Security

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E-documents are more secure than paper contracts. You won’t have stacks of old paperwork that are easy to steal from locked filing cabinets. When your clients need to sign contracts or other business proposals, you can send them a link to their secure online documents.

Electronic document delivery, digital signature tracking capabilities, and storage enhance document security. For example, documents get encrypted using public key infrastructure (PKI). When you send a document to your customer, the system uses a public key to encrypt the message. The customer’s private key decrypts the message. Completed documents are sent using public and private keys also. If the keys don’t match or are missing, the contract may have been tampered with during the process.

Increased Productivity

Printing contracts, faxing or mailing them, and making copies of executed contracts are time-consuming tasks. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time on customer service? Use digital signatures to speed up the sales process. Setting up documents online and accepting digital signatures saves time and boosts your productivity.

Savings on Money and Saving Trees

When your business adopts the digital signature process, you’ll save money since you won’t use reams of paper to print multi-page contracts. Customers can save completed documents as PDFs instead of printing several pages, a practice which can save more paper.

Digital documents are environmentally friendly, too. Going paperless helps reduce paper consumption and the need to turn trees into paper. Switch to digital signatures to help save forests and wildlife.

Legal and Compliance

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Hopefully, you’ll never get into a legal battle over a contract. Digital signatures have been legally binding since the E-SIGN Act became law in 2000.

By using electronic signatures, you’ll always be ready to deliver a detailed log of times when your customers viewed and signed contracts. When you provide a digital document, the system records each step of the signature process. These records can prove that customers saw each page of their documents and signed where needed.

Expanding Your Target Market

How many more sales can you close if you didn’t have to focus your marketing efforts around your physical address? When customers are not required to come into your office to sign contracts, you can do business anywhere. Digital signatures allow you to expand your target market nationwide or around the world. When your market research uncovers a geographic area where you can grow your business, your office location will no longer be a barrier to entering a new market.

The benefits of digital signatures can help you grow your business. Make the move to e-documents and digital signatures to speed up your sales processes and protect your business from legal issues. You’ll save time and money, and you’ll keep customers happy. Increased productivity and satisfied customers can create new sales opportunities and more revenue.

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