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6 Easy Ways To Promote Safety In Your Workplace

It’s always important to maintain a safe working environment for your staff. While employers must take steps to achieve that goal, employees have their role to play too. It’s fair to say that it’s a joint effort to keep a workplace free from danger and potential injury. Here are six easy ways that both you and your staff can promote safety at your workplace:

1. Give your staff the right training

Sometimes accidents happen because staff don’t know the correct way to do things. Ensure all your staff have full health and safety training.

2. Do regular checks for slip and trip hazards

Many personal injury claims come about because of carelessness in the workplace. One prime example is with things like paper or electrical wires loose on the ground. Ensure you and your staff do regular checks for slip and trip hazards.

3. Carry out regular safety inspections

You must ensure that the tools and equipment your staff use are safe and operate within spec. You should also check they are free from electrical problems.

4. Encourage staff to have tidy workstations

Heavy objects and chemicals could make their way from messy workstations and injure staff. Encourage your workers to keep their working areas clean and tidy at all times.

5. Carry out weekly fire alarm tests

If a fire were to break out at your premises, it’s crucial that your warning systems all work. That’s why it makes sense to carry out fire alarm tests each week.

6. Ensure people working at height use the right safety equipment

Do your staff work at heights? If so, they should use appropriate safety equipment like mobile elevated working platforms.

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