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6 Business Branding Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

We all know the difference that a great marketing campaign can make. Part of that campaign should include a consistent visual image across all aspect of company branding. If you are sick of the leaving your customer’s pens and mouse, mats, then hold onto your hat, because we have some novel new suggestions for you!

Canvas Bags

Everyone is trying to be a bit more ecologically friendly, and when providing swag to your potential clients, you should keep that in mind. So why not use a canvas bag to keep all your give away goodies in, instead of a plastic one?

The great thing about canvas bags is that they are reusable, washable, and you have your company logo printed right onto them! You’ll find that people incorporate them into their everyday lives. They may keep them in their handbags or pockets o they don’t have to pay the extra charge for a plastic bag at the shop till.


If you are looking to exploit the current love of all things vintage and retro, why not get those 80’s kids interested with a transparent visor? These come in an array of colors, although red and green are sure to be the most popular, just as they were back in the day!

Remember to have your company logo emblazoned on them in large letters, as well as your Twitter and Insta handle. Then you can be tagged with easy in all the social media photos that are bound to happen

Snapchat Filters


Image here

Another thing that is great for social media branding is to get a company filters for snapchat. These filters for snapchat can be used for specific events that you are promoting. It means that any photos shared across this media look both professional and refer directly to your company as the being involved.


Something else that works well is to offer branded clothes to both your customers and employees. But you should aim for things like fleeces or body warmer that are practical and will be used a lot.

This will trigger positive associated to in between you and your customers when they wear their items. For your staff, it is a good way of rewarding them, while maintaining a consistent visual identity.

USB sticks

Something else that always goes down a storm with potential clients is to provide them with branded memory sticks. These work particularly well, as no one ever seems to have one when they need it. So the item that your brand is emblazoned on seems like it’s coming to the rescue!

Alarm clocks

Another unusual item that can be branded is an alarm clock. While most people don’t love being woken up in the morning, they do not enjoy being late for work everyday! So what better way of getting your customers memories about your business that it being written across an alarm clock? The thing that they see first thing in the morning and last thing at night?

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