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Adapting to the New Work Culture: 5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Working Remotely

Working remotely has fast become the new normal as a result of the global pandemic and that has meant that many of us have had to adapt to a completely different way of doing things and a very different work culture.

The logistical challenges have been there too, such as finding a secure remote file sharing solution to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of any data you are handling away from a typical office environment.

As you may have discovered already, working remotely is not without its challenges, and here is a look at some of the classic and worst mistakes to avoid.

Failing to adapt to a new way of working

A classic trap to fall into would be when you attempt to keep to the same old routine as though you were still working in an office with colleagues around you.

It is often necessary to change your daily routine so that you can cope with working remotely and maintain the same level of efficiency as before. Regular meetings with management and work colleagues are no longer conducted face-to-face and that means you should schedule in some regular networking events so that you can maintain connections.

Make sure you take a break

Staying on the subject of routines, one of the worst mistakes you can make when working remotely would be to think that it is okay to get your head down and carry on working without a break in order to get your tasks done as quickly as possible.

Working without regular breaks actually reduces your efficiency levels and can have an impact on your health, so make sure you schedule in plenty of breaks just as you would if you were working in an office.

Proper workspace

Working from your kitchen table is not a great idea and also fails to provide a clear distinction between your work environment and the rest of your home.

Creating a designated office space in your home is always the right thing to do.

Dressed for work

Another classic faux-pas is to go to work in your pajamas.

You may not be leaving your house and want to be as comfortable as possible but it is clear that what you wear at home is highly influential when it comes to how well you perform.

Also, do you really want senior management to videoconference at short notice, only to find you are dressed in your pajamas?

Too much time alone

It is too easy to spend the day without seeing anyone when you work from home and that is not good for your mental health and physical wellbeing.

Spending too much time alone will eventually take its toll so the best way to approach working remotely is often to try and have some coworking days or meet up with colleagues for a coffee if that is possible to do.

If you can avoid some of these classic mistakes attached to remote working you should be able to adapt to what is now seen as the new normal for so many of us.

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