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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Video Marketing

The marketing world has been recently taken over by video. Today, more and more businesses are realising the advantages of using video as one of the main parts of their marketing campaigns. When used on social media, YouTube and on a range of further platforms, video marketing can be a hugely effective method of driving more traffic to your website and further engaging additional customers; two of the biggest goals for any small business owner today. We’ve listed some of the main benefits of using video in your company’s marketing campaigns.

Customer Engagement:

If you are experienced with marketing, then you will know that the only way to build your brand today is to truly engage with customers. Today, one of the best ways to ensure that customer engagement levels are high is by actively using social media to engage with them across a range of different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Using video on these platforms can be an excellent way to encourage further engagement with your brand. For example, Facebook Live videos can be used to give you customers the chance to interact with you in the moment during certain events.

Stay Up to Date:

With so many brands today using video for marketing and promotion, failing to use video marketing could quickly begin to make your brand appear behind the times. Today, a modern appearance and being able to stay up with fast developing, changing trends is important for companies. Therefore, using video marketing will send a message to your customers that you are a brand which is on trend. For more information about setting up a video marketing campaign, contact Spiel.

Improve Website Traffic:

A short video can provide your customers with much more information about your brand than any other kind of content that they would see online, for example a blog post or an infographic, in a short amount of time. Because of this, using marketing videos that are shared on social media, blogs, and on YouTube, for example, will help to increase the number of interested customers clicking through to your site.

Tell Your Story:

Last but not least, video marketing can be a very powerful tool for small businesses when it comes to generating customer interest in your new start-up. Since video marketing today can be very affordable, with many business owners even choosing the DIY route and making their own with a smartphone or camera, it’s an excellent way to tell the story of your business and brand in a way that is appealing to your potential customers.

Gain Expert Credibility:

When you use the power of video marketing to provide your customers with educational information and solutions to their problems, it is a great way to earn credibility as an expert online. Providing informational, evergreen content through video is an excellent method of building an authority online voice in your field.

Businesses of all sizes today can benefit from using video marketing, which can lead to increased website traffic, better customer engagement, and more.

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