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5 Ways to do Red Teaming Securely

With digitalization growing rapidly, there is a plethora of digital information and confidential business communication passed on every second on the internet. Digitalization has made a lot of things easier. There are websites, applications, and also digital businesses that make a great profit.

With rising digital consumption rises the concern for cybersecurity. It is important to protect the data that are shared on the internet. There has been an increasing amount of data breach and hacking in the leading digital platforms that worries every user.

If you run a business relying on the digital world it is important to take necessary measures to ensure cyber safety. It is an important process of the plan to check the network security and fix it as soon as possible. One way to assess your network security is by Red Team assessments.

In simple terms, red teaming is ethical hacking. A Red team assessment is conducted by specialized personnel that works on threat simulations to make sure your data is safe from real alert adversaries.

Red teaming comes under the security domain assessment where one identifies the risk of the network infrastructure of an organization. This pre-evaluation is done to determine risk and potential threats.

Various red teaming tools can be used to assess the vulnerabilities of the organization. The usage of red teaming tools varies with your red team’s approach. If you are planning to set up a red team for your organization, here are 5 ways to do it securely.

5 Ways to do Red Teaming Securely

Be Aware of Local Laws

There are laws in place when it comes to testing information security. Laws regarding ethical hacking differ from country to country and region to region. Your internal security team might not be aware of this. Make sure you brief your read team about the laws regarding penetration testing. Inform them about the actions that can be legally risky. It is better to involve your legal department to prevent unnecessary problems in the process.

Have a Legal Contract

Red Team assessments have a higher chance of going wrong because of their invasive nature. No matter how careful or professional the team might be, there are chances that the data can be endangered.

It is advisable to put out a detailed agreement to safeguard you and also your testers. Being legally protected can avoid a lot of trouble. Presenting a legal document in case of a mishappening makes your actions clear in front of the law.

Set Clear Objectives

Having clear objectives set will help measure your success. Be aware of the areas you want to test and convey the purpose to your red team. A red team should be notified beforehand about the goals. Having the end goal in mind and planning out the project and the team will help you have a clearer picture.

Focus on Key Issues

Make sure you have come up with the key issues you will be using the Red Team. Plan projects based on the key priorities in the organization and then assign them to the team. Key issues can vary from organizations to organizations.

Make sure you understand your organization’s priorities. List the possible vulnerabilities and plan simulations based on the priority and the extent of risk. Assigning roles to the team members will help in setting up the process efficiently.

Fix on The Conditions Beforehand

If you are outsourcing a red team, make sure you brief your requirements and expectations in as detail as possible. Let them know if you have any restrictions while testing. A good tester thinks of the strangest ways to check for security threats. Make sure you have the security in control.

Protect the resources that might be potentially damaged during penetration testing. Even if you are testing with the help of your internal team, make sure you clearly state every detail on what is acceptable or what is not.

Performing real-time invasive assessment tests can also lead to undesirable results that could be a threat to sensitive data. Make sure you take necessary precautionary measures. Have a complete backup of data and systems while performing a high-risk activity

Although there is a possibility of a potential risk involved in red teaming, it is highly advisable to consider it to keep your organization ready for any real-time threat. It is also a great way to assess your security posture. This means you can rectify any vulnerability in your organization before it is exploited.

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