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5 Ways to Choose the Best WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress is a well-established content management system (CMS) preferred by 35% of the world’s websites, that’s close to 450 million. The versatile platform is customizable and inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for large and small businesses.

However, WordPress website maintenance is not a one-time affair. You will need continuous professional support with a comprehensive WordPress maintenance plan.

Once you decide to engage a consultant, the challenge will be to identify the leading expert. Here are some crucial factors to scrutinize while choosing a WP maintenance service provider.

Understanding Your Service Requirements

With a live WP website, knowing your exact service requirements can be tricky. Moreover, with so many options available online, you can get stuck with expensive maintenance packages.

To start with, you can make a checklist, including the services you wish to avail of for your website, and prioritize them according to the urgency levels. For instance, security threats and malfunctioning plugins should be on the top of your checklist, requiring immediate attention.

Look for a service provider who caters to all your website service demands.

Knowing the Offered Service Package

Once you know what maintenance services you need and how they will help you optimize your website traffic, it becomes easier to determine the package you need.

The reputed service providers offer a package that includes core file, theme, plugin updates, spam comment removal, off-site website backup and security check. Looking at the service pack, you can decide what services you need. In some cases, you can get constructive recommendations for clarity.

Ensure the specialist you choose provides all essential services and top up with additional benefits, ensuring your website works exceptionally well.

Preferring a Responsive Support Team

If you have an e-commerce site, you will know the pain when a website goes down intermittently, affecting your sales instantly. As a direct consequence, your customers can’t reach your site, making your portal less trustworthy.

It is best to choose a diligent service provider offering 24/7 professional support with a customized WordPress maintenance plan. When you observe any technical glitch with your website, you can contact the technical support team at that very instance. The reason being, it’s not possible for you to know the troubleshooting mechanism every time you face a WordPress issue.

Considering Your Budget

The reputed specialists may provide packages at $29.99, $59.99, $79.99, and $99.99 per month, to name a few. The prices vary with the service range, with the most expensive plan offering advanced firewalls for added security and free malware removal.

When you review the offered package, see if it justifies the cost, in line with your site needs. If you have a vulnerable site, lacking routine monitoring and health checks, or observe potential data loss, you might have to do a trade-off between security and cost. Otherwise, you could stick to an economical plan with fewer services.

Choosing a Flexible Expert

The WordPress maintenance team should comprise highly-experienced and technically sound experts in web designing and SEO.

Depending on your needs, they should provide flexible services and be one call away when you need their assistance, with a quick turnaround time.

With expert WordPress maintenance support in place, to manage your website’s performance, rest assured, you can focus on improving your business’s profit margins.

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