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5 Things your Website needs to be Successful

On the internet, there were around 1.2 billion active websites, that is a tremendous amount, and a large part of those will be business sites. The big corporations will all have smart, well-designed websites that have been created for them. However, many business sites are less than ideal.

Just by adding a few simple things to your site, you can help to retain visitors and create a better image for your brand. These are a few examples of what you can do to make your website better.

Who are you?

If someone were to come across your site by accident, how long do you think it would take them to figure out what you were selling? If it takes more than a few seconds, you may lose what could be a potential customer.

You need to say clearly and obviously what you are selling and why. You can use images and logos, as long as they tell the story and are not too cryptic.

Web Address? Keep it Simple

If you think about some of the large corporations, many of them will have a simple and easy to remember web address. It is because they want people to remember them without having to write it down or forget parts of the name, especially if they are trying to tell a friend about it.

If you do not already have a domain name, web hosts such as Best Web Hosting, can arrange one for you. You need to keep your web address short and straightforward if you can. Try not to include dashes as this can confuse customers. The more complicated it gets, the less likely people are to remember you.

Navigating your way around

When your customers arrive at your website, they want to be able to go to what they want as soon as possible. Although you may get those who will browse through, many want clear directions to the products or services they need.

By adding clear menu buttons, you can draw your customers to where your products are so they can see them. You also don’t want things to be too cluttered: if the site looks too busy, it might confuse your visitors.

Be easy to contact

If your customers have a query they need to be able to communicate with you, so you need to have a contact form on your site that visitors can use. It is also a good idea to add other types of contact such as webchat, email, and telephone if you have them. Your customers want to communicate with youon their terms, not yours.

The best place to put your contact information is on the top left or top right of the page. That way, visitors will be able to see it straight away and remember where it is.

With these ideas in place, you should be able to attract visitors and retain them long enough to make a sale or contact you for more information.

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