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5 Technology Sectors Generating The Most Successful Jobs

As technology advances, the number of jobs for human workers around the world is set to decrease further, due to robots and machines becoming much more intelligent. However, in certain sectors, the demand for human workers in technological industries is sure to increase in the near future. Their expertise can help to develop the future of our inventions, and how many different businesses run day to day. 

Those individuals with technology and business skills will be highly sought after, and the digital transformation of businesses is quickly becoming more and more attractive for many industries. Those jobs in which machinery can learn and replicate the jobs of a human worker, include stud welding, construction and general factory work. 

Let’s take a look at the technology sectors that may, in fact, have an increase in the number of workers, to further develop the way we live and how our world works. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is quickly becoming popular in a lot of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Advertising

This is because AI is able to streamline workflow and improve customer management. Many businesses are in discussions about how AI can boost and improve their current business plans, and those for the future, meaning those with knowledge and experience in the area are at a great advantage.


Where technology thrives, cybersecurity won’t be far behind. No matter which industry you’re in, it is essential to keep business, customer and employee data safe and secure. Knowledge of networks and encryption is a highly sought after skill. Developing knowledge and experience in this field early on will certainly help with finding a suitable role in future. 

Mobile App Development

The strength of mobile development is constantly thriving, and there are new models being released year after year, each with more developed technology. With each new device, more advanced mobile apps will be needed, which can cope with the growing demands of new technologies. Mobile app development is also essential in the growth of augmented reality, games, social media and other utility apps.

Data Sciences.

Sciences of all sorts are developing new and exciting ways of changing how our world works. Data sciences, for example, is an established component in today’s business, but the need for faster, more effective outcomes is still a high priority. Data scientists are now highly sought after, especially those with tool building and data visualisation experience.

Renewable Energy.

Researching new renewable energy sources will only become more and more important as the years go by. According to The International Renewable Energy Agency, there should be around 28 million jobs in the industry by 2050. This is in a bid to control global warming trends and ensure that we head into the future with the right mindset, and with the knowledge to look after our planet effectively. 

Technology roles are becoming more essential as the years go by.

These industries are sure to create numerous new roles as the years go by, so if you’re interested in moving with the times in terms of your career, a technological based role is sure to be the one for you. Which roles do you hope to step into in the future? Share your views in the comments!

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