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4 Methods for Revitalizing a Neglected Front Garden

When it comes to first impressions, the starting point for most homes is the front garden. Sadly, this part of the house can become overlooked and neglected. Overgrown plants, worn-down pathways, tired pots and containers – they’re all common concerns.

If you want your front garden to avoid being an eyesore, it’s vital to stay on top of any problems that could crop up. But rather than doing the bare minimum, why not turn it into a memorable space that will cause people to stop and take notice?

So, if you’re simply looking to spruce things up or get it in tip-top shape before putting it on the market, here are four methods for revitalizing your front garden:

Settle on a theme

For the uninitiated, a theme garden is where all of the individual elements sing from the same hymn sheet. This means the plants, pots, containers, features and other accents are all linked to the theme. These themes can range from rose to Mediterranean gardens, and ideas are only limited by your imagination. As for why you want to go with a theme, the uniform nature can produce a distinctive and memorable garden design.

Avoid going overboard

When you redesign the front garden and begin implementing new ideas, it can be difficult to know when to stop. Nevertheless, it’s important you don’t try and do too much. If you begin throwing too many ideas against the wall, the general theme of the garden will become unclear. In addition, an excessively busy garden’s only going to appear cluttered and messy.

On the topic of avoiding a busy garden, you should also frequently prune all plants and trees. Not only does this keep the garden tidy and frees up space for additional greenery, but it also encourages fresh growth.

Resurface the driveway

Replacing your old driveway is a great way of invigorating your front garden. The bad news: opting for a full replacement is an expensive undertaking. The good news: there’s an alternative which helps to retain your bank balance.

That alternative is resurfacing. Instead of ripping up the entire driveway for it to be replaced, resurfacing provides the drive with repairs, reinforced toughnessand an attractive design. Michael’s Resurfacing is a trusted concrete resurfacing specialist, and they note how a resurfaced driveway can retain its fresh appearance and durability for years to come.

Add a water feature

Whether it’s a cozy pond or an elaborate fountain, water features will often be the focal point of any backyard. Yet why limit it to just the backyard? It is perhaps not the most obvious option, but a water feature can seriously boost the curb appeal of your front garden.

If you have vertical space to play with, a gentle waterfall could create a striking impression alongside the soothing sound of flowing water. Don’t have the space or budget to play with to create an extravagant water feature? Don’t worry: something as simple as a small pool created with a washing up bowl can add an eye-catching element to your front garden.

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