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4 Industries that are Thriving Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is abundantly clear that the global pandemic has created seismic changes across society and industry with some long-standing business models struggling to maintain their existence due to a fundamental shift in attitudes and the conditions for running a business.

As you will no doubt read when accessing useful online resources such as businesstrex, for instance, some traditional industries have been totally decimated and are even struggling to exist while other industries have thrived as a result of the new economic climate.

Here is a look at some industries that have found opportunities for growth amidst a global health crisis.

Consumers are changing the way they live and shop

If you want to succeed and connect with consumers right now it seems that you have to have a strong online presence to be able to do that.

More people than ever before are no longer commuting to work and now treat their home as their office as well as their personal living space.

This has meant that businesses in the homes and gardens sector have seen a huge surge in demand for their products, especially those offering a comprehensive online ordering facility.

With more people working from home and wanting to improve or update their living and working environment it is clear that there are excellent opportunities to thrive if you are delivering home and garden products to consumers.

A new focus on health and fitness

The health and fitness industry has witnessed an increase in demand for related products that stretches beyond 150% and sales volumes are reported to have grown by more than 80% since the pandemic took hold.

The need to stay fit at home if they are unable to visit the gym or other facilities has fueled this increase in demand.

Online groceries

Food and drink are always going to be an industry that displays a certain level of demand and growth as global populations increase but COVID-19 was the catalyst for a massive spike in demand.

A percentage of consumers have been stocking up in case of shortages and others have simply increased their spending to compensate for the lack of activity in terms of eating out.

The beauty industry has enjoyed good growth

It seems to be the case that with consumers having a bit more leisure time and the fact that beauty salons and spas have been forced to close or work under tight restrictions this has created an increase in demand for beauty products to be delivered.

The beauty industry, in general, is understood to have more than doubled its sales since the start of the pandemic, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

These are some prime examples of how important it has become for industries to adapt and evolve their business model to changing economic conditions and new consumer trends.

While traditional industries such as travel have taken a real battering and airlines struggling to fill their seats or even fly at all, for example, it hasn’t been such bad news for other sectors who have had to gear up for an increase in demand for their products.

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