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4 Hacks For Providing Top Notch Customer Service In Your Eatery

If you own an eatery of any kind, then you will know that good customer service is essential when it comes to your success. An integral part of running a prosperous and profitable business is satisfied customers, which is why having top-notch customer service is a must. Think about it this way, if you ate in a restaurant where you didn’t receive the level of service that you would expect, would you eat there again? The chances are, even if the food was fantastic if the customer service was bad it would put you off eating there again because the service that you receive is as much a part of the experience of eating out as the food is. With that in mind, the question is, what does it take to provide the very best standards of customer service in your eatery? Below, we’ve put together four hacks for achieving the very best standards of customer service.

  1. Know how to handle complaints

When it comes to customer service (in any industry), knowing how to handle complaints is key. The fact is that a lot of business owners, especially in the catering industry, don’t know how to deal with complaints in a professional manner, and this causes them a lot of problems. The key to success with complaint handling is simple – be polite and understanding. The fact is, even if the customer complaining is in the wrong, the customer is always right. They are paying for a meal, and it needs to be perfect in every way possible. So even if they order a well-done steak and then complain it is too over cooked, apologise and change it for them. By handling complaints in this manner, you will make your customers feel valued, which is of the utmost importance.

  1. Etiquette matters

There’s a common misconception that when it comes to etiquette in eateries, it depends on the restaurant type. For instance, a lot of business owners believe that the etiquette in a pizza parlour is less important than in a fine dining restaurant. However, whatever type of restaurant you own, it’s important to realise that etiquette matters. What’s important is being polite and courteous and always treating customers with respect, regardless of the type of eatery you run. Because the fact is that etiquette matters, as do manners, so it’s worthwhile ensuring that your team is always polite and courteous to customers, regardless of the type of restaurant you run.

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  1. Incorporate technology

In almost all restaurant types, from fast food joints to fine dining establishments, some form of technology can be incorporated. In more laid back restaurants, self-ordering technology can be used, making ordering quicker and easier. While in more formal restaurants, equipment like restaurant point of sale systems can be incorporated – these are fantastic for keeping order organised and ensuring that order tickets are easy for the kitchen to read. By incorporating technology into your restaurant, you can guarantee a smoother experience for people eating at your eatery. So despite the high costs that come with some pieces of restaurant technology, they’re worth investing in.

  1. Take feedback on board

Last but definitely not least, an important aspect of top notch customer service is being willing to take feedback on board. Restaurants who ask their customers for feedback always tend to be more popular than restaurants that don’t; this is because when customer feedback is taken into account, customers feel valued. The best way to get feedback is to have customer feedback cards or an online form that they can fill in.

There you have it, the top four hacks for providing high-quality customer service in your restaurant – take note and implement them and your venture will go far.

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