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4 Great Businesses You Can Start With Nothing but Your Car

Starting a business on a low budget is hard, but not impossible. For one, you can go the online route. To start an online business, you need a brilliant idea and more technical know-how than you do money. But what if you could start a successful business outside of the internet?

Believe it or not, you can if you own a car. Yes, this vital asset is all you need to get started on your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. A car lets you move your product or service to clients. Here are great businesses you can start with nothing but your car and a few tools.

1. A Taxi Business

When people think of starting a business that involves using a car, a taxi service always comes to mind. The beauty of operating a taxi is that you already have what you need to get your business on the road – a car. That said, knowing your way around town does not hurt, as does being proficient in driving.

Clients resent aggressive and careless drivers, so polish up on your driving skills by doing an online driving theory test from a website such as TopTests (toptests.co.uk). Click here if you want to learn more about TopTests driving theory practice tests.

2. A House Painting Business

As a car owner, you can easily start a house painting business. The main thing you need is painting skills. If you do not have any experience in the field, do not worry. Simply watch plenty of how-to videos on the subject online, or attend free painting workshops. Next, practice the skills you learn at home. With the right skills and a car to haul your equipment around, you are set to go.

3. Tutoring

If you have a heart for teaching, are academically gifted, can get along well with people, and have a car, then working as a tutor is a perfect job for you. A few years ago, getting started as a tutor was tough. You had to rely on word of mouth to get new clients, but not anymore. Today, there are platforms such as Tutor.com or Wysant.com that connect tutors with potential clients. You can use them to kick-start your business.

4. Pet Sitting

Taking care of pets while their owners are away at work or on holiday is a lucrative business that requires nothing but your car. The car comes handy when you pick up and drop off the pet. As a start, try offering pet sitting services to family, friends, and neighbours.

To start a low budget business, forget about finding business partners or capital investment. The only partner and investment you will ever need is sitting in your garage. By using your car as a taxi, you can be your own boss. But if you are a hands-on person, operating a house painting business is also possible. The car can haul your equipment around. It can also get you around if you decide to be a tutor or a pet sitter.

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