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3 Ways To Lighten Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

Clean energy is a phrase you’re going to be hearing much more in the near future. It’s a growing market, and initial estimations state that over the next ten years, clean energy jobs are going to surpass fossil fuel jobs by five to one.

Recent technological advancements in science and affordability make cost-effective clean energy solutions a great alternative to the standard, tried and tested fossil fuels. Applying methods of supporting clean energy will not only help your carbon footprint and environmental conscience but will also help you save money long-term on your energy costs.

It’s a worthy investment, and it’s worth the investment now.

We will be detailing some of the lesser-known ways to transfer your business to clean energy in order to fully maximise the fruits of this exciting new trend. After all, businesses that can look ahead are the ones that survive the best in a rapidly changing world. You might not be 100% clean just yet, but taking a few steps now can yield brilliant, observable results.

If this seems out of reach for your business, don’t despair, as there are still ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Biomass Energy

This makes up the most important business usage of renewable, clean energy. Having a biomass station in your business helps burn off organic, clean waste and transfer it to usable energy that can power your business operations. Think of it like a generator that runs on waste. This will save you your waste-disposal cost in a dramatic way. Be sure to check the smoke – control policies in your area as biomass usage may be restricted. However, if you are able to, it’s stated that through energy bills alone you’re likely to get a return on your investment within ten years.

  1. Solar Energy

Solar energy is a great way to harness the good weather your business might be lucky enough to operate under. Perhaps the most readily understood form of clean energy is solar, because it can be installed on any appropriate roof, and while the upfront cost is high, it is falling, and return on your investment can be seen in ten years. If you’re in a country that doesn’t gain much sunlight, such as the UK, you might want to calculate the average direct sunlight in your area a year to see if the investment is worth it. This can be done online. To find or sell solar panels, you might look into accurate business-to-business leads to increase sales.

  1. Ensure You Recycle Food

Businesses that sell food in whatever form are being encouraged to give their wasted produce away to food banks that help the homeless or disadvantaged instead of just throwing it in the garbage. This is just an ethical habit to get in. Some foods that are out of date take longer to decompose, so finding it a place where it can be used may help you gain peace of mind. You will also lessen your business waste, which is a fantastic habit to get in.

As the years press on, renewable energy will become more viable for a plethora of business. Until it is, research these options presented and you can be sure you’re at the cutting edge of operational business ethics. Who knows? Perhaps you could be the next green energy entrepreneur.

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