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3 Reasons New Zealand is the Perfect Market for Your Tech Startup

New Zealand isn’t usually thought as an innovator. It has a reputation for a quiet sort of quirkiness, but the image of its sleepy rural towns and rolling green hills isn’t often associated with technological development. However, New Zealand has a secret side; a personality which entrepreneurs in US, Europe, and Great Britain might be surprised to hear about.

For many years, tech companies have used the country as a sounding board for new inventions, products, and services. It makes perfect sense. It might be out of the way, but its demographic is very similar to that of the UK and the USA. On the other hand, its relative isolation means that there isn’t as much risk for startups and smaller businesses.

Keep reading to find out why New Zealand is a dream come true for ambitious tech startups and entrepreneurs.

More Value for Less Risk

While New Zealand does have a fairly small market – making it big here isn’t going to be like making it big in NYC – there is substantially less risk associated with establishing a business. The stakes aren’t as serious because there’s less competition and pretty much everything is cheaper. Even Facebook app advertising is more affordable here.

So, instead of setting up in a fierce ‘dog eat dog’ market, which will expend much of the capital that you need to survive the first few years, give yourself some flexibility. New Zealand is not the world, but it is a great test market. Tech start-ups can save more money by kicking their operations off from a highly efficient virtual office. Visit www.servcorp.co.nz/en/virtual-offices/prices-locations/auckland/ for more details.

Word Spreads Quickly

The size of the market in New Zealand does provide some key advantages. Yes, it’s small, but this means that word spreads remarkably fast. It is geographically distant from most of the major markets, so it has its own trends and preferences. It is quite common for products or services which fizzled out in the US to become national bestsellers in New Zealand.

In other words, it is much easier to start a craze and get everybody talking here. Tech companies are especially skilled at this because they connect with the Kiwi character. The people of this island are surprisingly adventurous and are keen to give all the support they can new ideas, creative marketing campaigns, and cool gadgets.

Room to Make Mistakes

New Zealand also offers tech start-ups something else; something which can make or break a new business. The size of the market, the geographic isolation, and the tendency for fast spreading national trends means that consumers aren’t quick to judge. They’re not being bombarded with thirty different products which all do the same, like Americans and Europeans.

They take their time and they have an appreciation for what it takes to start a business. New Zealand is one of the few markets on earth where young companies and tech start-ups can make big mistakes and still find success. The market is very forgiving and a blunder here is not going to hurt your chances of US and European success in later years.

Why Your First Steps Should Be From a Virtual Office

If you are thinking about taking your tech startup to New Zealand, one of the best ways to get set up quickly is to register with a virtual office provider. There are a number of prominent sites in Auckland and they contain everything that you need to run your business. Virtual office solutions are the perfect stepping stone to a new market because you can move right in.

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