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3 Essential Steps To Take Before You Launch Your New Product

Creating and launching a new product is a very exciting time for all business owners. The thrill of finally seeing your product on sale is very hard to match. With that being said, it can also be a very bad time, particularly if everything doesn’t go to plan.

Thankfully, you can ensure your product launch goes to plan simply by following these few steps:

Launch A Marketing Campaign

Before you launch a product, you need to launch a marketing campaign for that product. This is something that should begin right in the early stages of product development. Don’t be fooled into thinking you should only start marketing your product when it’s just about to come out. Start early, and you can build expectation and hype around this product. You can be very sneaky and start sharing pictures where you reveal certain design elements or features. Big companies do this all the time, they generate hype by spreading rumors about their new product and being really coy about everything. Then boom, they hit the public with a big reveal, and everyone goes crazy.

Create Prototypes

Before you start creating your products and spending loads of money getting them made, you should create prototypes. These are basically replicas of your final product that you can look at, feel, and decide if they’re up to scratch or if they need tweaking. Often, companies will use things like CNC prototyping to create replicas of their products from different materials, just to get a good feel for how they look. Once you’re happy with the prototypes, you can start mass producing the final products. The reason you need prototypes before the launch is because they save money. The alternative is you mass produce a product, realize there are faults, then have to recall all the products to make tweaks. It can cost a fortune, and your business will take a huge hit.

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Set Up A Launch Event

Launch events are essential if you want to get your product off to a flying start. With a launch event, you can turn everyone’s attention to your business. Send out invitations to as many people as possible, so there’s a decent crowd. The first names on your list need to be people from the media so they can tweet about the event and write articles about it too. This helps give your product more coverage right from the word go. A really good idea these days is to invite YouTube or social media personalities along. They have large followings and can help promote your launch. At the launch event, you reveal your finished product and tell everyone that it will be on sale in the next couple of days. Livestream this event too, as it will ensure more and more people can watch it and learn about your product. You should give all the details about your product, and include demonstrations if applicable too.

With these three steps, your product will have lift off. You avoid any issues and ensure the launch is strictly positive and leads to an influx in first-day sales.

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