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3 Digital Marketing Essentials That Your Business Cannot Afford To Operate Without!

Digital marketing can be a very confusing term for many people within a business environment. Sure, this is a term that we’ve all heard time and time before. However, what does it actually cover? And, what on earth are the best solutions for it? Well, if you’re not so clued on about the digital side of business these days, then be sure to read on!


SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of placing your digital content at the top of search engine results on sites such as Google or Yahoo! Search. This is achieved through a number of different strategies. One of which is keywords. If you flood your website and it’s content with keywords relevant to your business, then your site will more often be found. This is, of course, when consumers search for those specific search terms in their search bar. Similarly, link-building and guest posting between sites can also make your site look a lot more credible to Google.  Thus it is, therefore, worthy of being on Page 1 of the search results. Ultimately, the effect of this is an increased drive of traffic, as well as greater exposure to the wider business world. This, of course, is always very handy in terms of creating revenue.


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Social Media

Your next port of call when carrying out a digital marketing campaign should be to look towards social media. The best thing about social media marketing is that it is almost always free in most cases. It costs little to virtually nothing to regularly output content onto multiple social media channels. For example, Facebook enables users to promote its pages for a fractional cost. Similarly, on Twitter you can promote tweets for a small costs to help launch a new hashtag that you may be hoping will go viral and ‘do the rounds’. Social networking is actually a very powerful tool. So, if it is used in the right way by businesses, then it can prove extremely successful. It is definitely worth having a go at, because even the premium packages for some social media platforms like LinkedIn offer free trials.

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Finally, here we have another three-letter-acronym to bust! And that is PPC, or pay-per-click. Google Adwords is an excellent example of a PPC solution. PPC methods place your advertised search result at the top of search rankings. That said, Google’s service only charges its users when their link is actually qualified and clicked on. This means that PPC advertising and marketing can be incredibly powerful, but also cost-effective. If you want to know more about what you can do with PPC techniques, then there are some more little-known secrets about PPC available, here. Check them out! What’ve you got to lose?


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Hopefully, this post has made all things digital marketing that little bit clearer. We understand that this can all seem very complicated to somebody who hasn’t dealt with digital strategies before. However, one must assure you that these processes are both incredibly straightforward and successful.

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